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Saturn Retrograde: Reflection on Universal Law

Who is in the driver’s seat in your life? Are you the master of your own destiny? Or is there an unseen hand that guides both your actions and those of others? Certainly, there is free will. But, isn’t there also a realm of existence where things are beyond our control? There are man-made laws. But, then there is also Universal Law. Ideally, the two should exist in harmony. But, this is not always the case.

Each planet is connected with a sign of the zodiac, which, when it occupies that sign, the planet functions at its optimum. For Saturn, this sign is Libra. Saturn brings obstruction and challenge, but it does so in order to create balance. When Saturn transits Libra, it harmonises the scales of fairness and justice.

At 6:09 am GMT on Wednesday 26th January, 2011, Saturn stations in the sign of Libra, exuding its rays in an exceptionally strong manner before shifting to retrograde motion for the next several months. On the same day as this celestial occurrence, Saturn also forms a tense aspect with the Heavenly Messenger of Movement, Mercury.

Saturn, transiting also the lunar mansion of Hasta, heralds a message about control and humility. Whilst we always have the choice of exercising our right to free action, if we honour the voice of our soul in its connection with the Universal Flow, then we stand in respect of the Higher Order and Universal Law. When we act purely from the realm of selfish desire, then we deserve and need to be brought to balance. When this occurs, Saturn will present obstruction. But, all that it asks for is self-discipline.

Mercury, forming a tense aspect known as a square, is transiting Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Purva Ashadha. Mercury brings with it the temptation of thinking that if certain steps are taken, the desired result will certainly be attained. But, Mercury is the trickster. It is playing a cosmic practical joke aimed at directing us towards a relinquishment of the ego. Natural Balance requires Organic Action guided directly from the balance of the Heart in its state of stillness. In this realm of existence, it is less about action and more about going with the flow and attracting true prosperity.

Luckily, the quality of trust and going with the flow fall under the heading of Expansive Jupiter, which is currently setting up house in the sign of Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, itself also ruled by Saturn. Where there is imbalance, Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada wants us to understand that our actions should be directed by faith and trust in the guidance of the soul.

The laws of man are created to bring balance to society. But, is our social order necessarily directed towards the benefit of all Humanity? Or, does it exist to protect the interests of a select few holding the reigns of seeming wealth and power? In the Land of the Free, how many understand True Freedom? And, how many feel threatened by its very existence? We are entering a cycle where a more altruistic mode of existence could solve many of the world’s current problems. Humanity can no longer be supported by a foundation based on mass consumption. The scales are tipping, and Saturn holds the balance and guides the way towards True Justice.

If we continue with Bound Eyes, then we live only in a world of blind justice and ignorance.

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