Saturn Pluto Square

pluto72 The Time Keepers

At Saturn’s embers I gazed at length
as golden silence succoured my strength
which floundered, as butterflies buffeted
by gales
are wont to drift, as boats bare of sails.

If Time would stop, I could harness the peace
and wrap it around me, a comforting fleece
which soothes, as a winding brook on its
trickling way
like gentle fingers over ivories will play.

But Pluto’s fate writhed in those flames
and, seared by Saturn’s Timely games
did wriggle, deathly corpse from the burning pyre
to destroy
the Devil’s evil Earthly ploy.

Muffled screams of terror whilst Saturn relinquished
his grip on this gargoyle of life extinguished
escaped from my dreams in moans of denial
in vain
as once more, Pluto birthed in pain.

The Ghoul danced round in twists and turns
deriding Saturn’s deadly burns
which festered and blistered as it sought
that Devil
come to seal Earth’s mortal peril.

A soothing sound reached through my fear
as Pluto to his prey did near
and brought me back from the yawning abyss
with love,
a silken petal’s caress, falling softly from above.

As Time, Death and Devil through their battle fought on
to seal Earth’s fate for aeons long
it dawned for what reason they strove
to impart
wisdom to every feeble and foolish heart.

‘Twas simple, plain, breathtakingly real
for every living soul to feel,
yet most who ever draw life’s breath
will turn
from what their souls do yearn.

If Truth, Love and Peace took their place at the helm
of all Human Consciousness in this realm
then all three protagonists named in this tale
could sleep –
profound slumber, for all Time to keep.

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