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Saturn and Neptune, Between Two Eclipses

authenticsignConsciousness, awareness, authenticity all take courage and effort. Ignorance requires no courage. But actually, it takes quite a lot of effort. How much energy is expended in the world living daily in denial? How much in propagating the great lie? The majority of us cower from our own strength, hide from responsibility and deny our own pure existence at every opportunity. Is it not insane that in the world’s democracies, we vote people into office to tell us how to run our lives? They command us to pay higher taxes in order to perpetuate their piggish lifestyles and fight wars that we do not support. And stupidly and blindly, we obey. Just allow us to continue the abrogation of self-government, let us remain numb and you can take every one of our civil liberties away.

The Universe wants us all to wake up. It is consistently creating the proper environment and the right sets of circumstances to engender our awakening. Every time we ignore its signs and signals, it creates conditions that are harder to ignore. Yet, what does the blind majority of humanity do? Exert more energy to avoid that which is inevitable in the first place.

The amount of effort that must be exerted in covering up the effects of a massive oil spill by the executives is great. But of course, responsibility cannot be accepted. How about the amount of energy put forth in covering up the fact that there is no foundation for the world’s currencies and that it is all just bits of paper? Mind blowing, the immensity of it. There isn’t enough gold to back up the dollar, or enough silver to prop up the pound. Our “leaders” cannot admit that the economies are collapsing. Otherwise, they would fall more rapidly due to the lack of trust in them.

We are at a midpoint between two eclipses, with the Solar Eclipse in the tropical sign of Cancer due to occur on 11th July GMT. Eclipses provide an opportunity for a shift in consciousness. But, we must be willing to seize the advantage. The astrology that ties in with this pair of eclipses carries a powerful message. A cosmic messenger in the form of a comet has recently appeared, and the recent Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn coincided with a powerful aspect known as a Grand Cross involving seven planets. The astrological omens are loud and clear in demanding our attention.

For the last couple of months, a tense aspect has been applying, separating, and reapplying to the point of exactitude between two major planets, Saturn and Neptune. This aspect once again becomes exact 28th June, 2010 GMT. Saturn creates obstruction so that discipline and focus can be honed. Neptune brings the awakening of spiritual truth within the heart, by first weaving a web of maya, or illusion, awakening the drive to seek answers.

Neptune is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha within the tropical sign of Aquarius. It has been transiting this lunar mansion since mid-April 2005 and will enter Shatabhisha in May of 2011. The keywords here are self-acceptance and self-responsibility. The individuality and purity of the soul are brought to attention by the energy of Dhanishtha. It helps to awaken us to our true nature. But, it also connects us to the importance of Nature itself, in awakening us to our connection with it and the importance of developing and nurturing this symbiotic relationship.

Saturn is presently in the sign of Virgo whilst passing through the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. The emphasis here is upon cultivating positive results through interrelatedness. Recognising the ethics common to being an aware and conscious human, outside of the division of dogma is important in the process. What is a human being, beyond the limitation of belief? What is the meaning of our existence, beyond that ascribed by religion? What is the purpose of consciousness? These are points of reflection for Saturn’s transit through this lunar mansion.

The pressure is on between these two planets at this moment in time for a very important reason. They are alarming humanity with urgency to the importance of becoming stronger in our awareness. The message heralded by the cosmos is asking us to develop and deepen self-knowledge, both individually, and as a species. In so doing, we must also cultivate its cohorts in consciousness, self-acceptance and self-responsibility. The process is challenging, and there may seemingly be a conflict in creating a balance between the personal and transpersonal. But this is so we will dig deeper for meaning and understanding of how this equilibrium can be found and maintained. It takes effort, but ignorance requires more.

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