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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse June 2012 – Share the Love and Warmth

Authentic Man

When reality burns us with its glaring radiance, we would much rather ignore it and ensconce ourselves in illusion. The Truth is often difficult to stomach, and even harder to digest once it is imbibed. But, it seems delectable to delight ourselves with numbing fantasy ignoring the unwanted intruder nagging at our gate.

There are many matters which many of us would rather not face. And when they arise, we stuff them away in some unknown quarter of our psyche in hopes that they will disappear and trouble us no more with their presence. But, the Light cannot be dimmed by the Darkness and will make its presence known, whether we wish for it to, or not. Now matter how dark and undesirable a harsh truth may seem, it is brilliant in its lucidity. Our response to it is what makes it so seemingly hideous.

The current Astrological Climate is not one for cowards. But for those who are courageous, it is a time for growth and expansion. We must now allow the penetrating glare of Truth to inhabit all the closed areas of our hearts. Although seemingly sharp, its rays will warm if allowed.

As a species, we have become too apathetic and ignorant. Our comforts have made us numb. We have become desensitised by being overly stimulated. For many in the world, life is becoming incredibly bleak. The pangs of hunger bite at their stomachs, their pockets empty and their families homeless. Yet, there are still those who drive around in Porsches and Hummers seemingly oblivious to the suffering of their brothers and sisters. And politicians want to impose austerity measures. How can they sleep?

If we are to continue as a species, we must find another way. And although the deep challenges that we presently face may shock and disturb, in essence they are representative of an opportunity to find a new way, with prosperity and justice for everyone, Not simply those with full wallets and high limits on their credit cards.

On Monday 4th June, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of expansive and explorative Sagittarius. The Lunar Mansion inhabited by the Moon at the moment of its eclipse is Jyeshtha. We are being asked to muster courage and invite wisdom. The Old Paradigm is falling away. And, it can do so more swiftly if we cooperate.

We now have the opportunity to evaluate our interactions with each other. How vastly do we ignore ethics and human rights? Gross ignorance should have no welcome place on the planet, yet it is celebrated everywhere. Aside from the deep negativity of prisons in general, how can we allow incarceration facilities to be run by the private sector, driven by profit? How can we allow people to starve whilst others live in luxury? How can we use our technical gadgets in comfort whilst others exist without running water, heat and ample resources to support their existence?

Certainly, a change will involve going beyond our comfort zone. But, it is definitely worth doing so. As Neptune stations before moving retrograde for the next several months, the illusion is shattering. The American Dream is a nightmare for humanity. The greed and apathy of a society governed by corporocracy threaten to squash and starve those who stand in the way of its avaricious machinery. Only the elite thrive. But, the day of reckoning now approaches. Many will have a hard time letting go of the path of mass consumption because they have known of no other way. For those that do possess the necessary wisdom, now is a time for educating others. Share the love and allow the warmth and radiance of the Truth to nourish rather than sting. Share also the wealth and abundance. With readjustment, there can be ample resources for all. None need do without. In each of our lives, with the arrival of the Lunar Eclipse, an opportunity is now presenting itself for a fresh sense of perspective . To understand the impact of the current Celestial Energies upon your Personal Astrology, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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