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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse June, 2011 – Oh, What a Tangled Web

Perhaps the most difficult trance to break out of is that of Self-Delusion. Built of our desires, we weave a fabric so seemingly dense. But, appearances are not everything. The senses can deceive. And if it were not for a tear in the old Trousers of Illusion, we would never find that sense of vulnerability necessary in order to recognise that we have donned the Emperor’s New Clothes. We have duped ourselves into believing that something transitory could be as solid as concrete. And, no matter how painful the process, we must start again from the foundation and build something far more stable and steadfast.

Yet, there is truly no guilt. Such is the Cloth of Karma. And as the saying goes, “you cannot judge by the cut of one’s cloth.” Especially so when we all have such burdens which we must free ourselves of. Fantasies become nightmares from which we must awaken in order to eventually, in the Great Scope of Eternity, become more whole.

It is on this Great Stage of Time that we undergo a crash course in the Celestial Grammar School, some of us graduating with honours, others repeating the  course seemingly ad infinitum before having a breakthrough. But, eventually, we are granted a reprieve and cleared of our debt.

In some area of each of our lives, we are all having such an awakening, as the impetus builds in approach to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 15th June, 2011 at 20:13 GMT. The Eclipse Portal, opened with the recent Solar Eclipse in Gemini, signalled a decision, an opportunity for greater awareness and a deepening of Self-Connection. Some of us are making this choice willfully, others receiving a bit of a kick in the bottom to push us on our path.

The Lunar Eclipse transpires in the Lunar Mansion of Mula, signifying the dissolution of an illusion, a revelation of a Truth, perhaps painful in its dawning but necessary nonetheless. Yet, however harsh Mula’s energy may seem, it lies within the tropical signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, blazing a New Way forwards through practical action.

All lunar eclipses occur on the Full Moon, which, astrologically speaking, amounts to a Sun-Moon opposition. The eclipse is when the Earth’s shadow is cast upon the Moon. The Sun, during this eclipse, is closely conjunct Mercury in Gemini, and the lunar mansion of Mrigasira. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini gives piercing insight. It shines Immense Light on a web that has been woven in pursuit of fulfilment, from which we must now disentangle in order to find True Freedom.

Both the Sun and the Moon form harmonious aspects with Neptune, which, in essence means that the Lunar Eclipse will have an ethereal Neptunian Tone to its haziness. Neptune has recently made its base in Pisces and the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha. Neptune’s transit through Pisces is creating a rare opportunity for humanity to become more richly acquainted with its Spiritual Essence. Shatbhisha’s energy is very similar to Neptune’s. The two are mutually conducive. Think of the Illusion of Karma, and the necessity of experiencing it in order to right that which is wrong, and you will have a clear image of what this energy is all about.

A process is beginning, a shift must occur. It is unlike that which we have become accustomed to. It may seem frightening. But, that is only because that which no longer serves us has formed the basis of familiarity. Yet, as we become more increasingly aware of the need for transformation, as we awaken from the spell, the familiar becomes more peculiar, marking a change of scenery that is becoming ever more increasingly essential. Light the way!

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