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Purification and Self-Understanding


Mercury is retrograde again. This current cycle feels, to me, to be extremely powerful. A time for deep self-examination and reflection.

Mercury is retrograde in the Vedic constellation of Aries and is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Bharani. Bharani is related to the power of death to take things away. It is related to transformation. Interestingly enough, it is also symbolic of birth. It is seemingly the way of the Universe that as something is taken away, something is also given.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is a time of reflection. As the planet of movement, thought and communication is presently in the Vedic constellation of Aries, its retrograde energy of reflection and insight is highly impassioned.

One thing that I have learned through my practice of Vedic astrology is that the ruler, also known as the dispositor, of the lunar mansion in which a planet is placed has more than a minor impact upon the occupying planet.

Bharani is ruled by Venus. Venus is currently transiting the Vedic constellation of Taurus and the lunar mansion of Krittika. Krittika is related to fire in its ability to purify. In this regard, it too is connected with the energy of transformation. Venus in Taurus is strong. It spurs, by itself, profound insight into values. With this energy connected to retrograde Mercury in Aries, this is a powerful period to arrive at an understanding of that which we hold in the highest regard. And that which no longer holds any worth can be left behind, as per the energy of Mercury in Bharani.

It is a very busy week for Venus. It forms several key aspects with Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Most Vedic astrologers do not like to work with the outer planets of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Many regard it as untraditional to do so as there are no rules in the ancient texts regarding their integration. Tradition, I feel, has a way of becoming dogma. Where there is dogma, there is often no progress as perspective is limited by the short sighted focus of narrow mindedness. Fixed thinking restricts the evolution of one’s own mind.

When working with the outer planets, it is helpful to utilise what are known as the Tajika aspects of Vedic astrology, the square, sextile and trine. I find this technique quite helpful to apply with the other planets that are traditionally utilised in Vedic astrology, as it adds meaning and colour.

Venus, on Friday, first forms a tense square with Neptune, then a harmonious sextile with Uranus. The following morning, it connects with Saturn in a trine, also a harmonious aspect.

Neptune is currently transiting the Vedic constellation of Aquarius and the nakshatra of Dhanishtha. Dhanishtha has an energy which is individualistic by nature. With Venus’ tense square with this planet, there is a profound opportunity for tuning into oneself and deepening strength and self-reliance based upon one’s own system of values. Even difficult aspects have their benefits.

Venus sextiles Uranus later in the day. Uranus is currently passing through the watery and deeply spiritual sign of Pisces. It is also transiting the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. Forming valuable ideas and solutions is a quality of this lunar mansion. Uranus and Saturn are both co-rulers of Aquarius. Saturn in Vedic astrology is the ruler, and in the tropical system, it is Uranus.

As noted in a previous article, Neptune and Uranus are presently involved in a deep energy exchange. Uranus’ transit through Uttara Bhadrapada, ruled by Saturn, serves to bolster this interaction.

The energy of the aspects formed by Venus to these two planets seems to suggest that when one’s strength is presently challenged, ideas and solutions may come by focusing on one’s core system of values.

The following morning, as Saturn connects in a harmonious trine with Venus, prosperity through working in harmony with others whilst holding true to one’s own ethics is supported as Saturn is presently in the Vedic constellation of Virgo and the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni, which supports this environment.

When communication with others is not flowing as smoothly as one might desire, then often communication with one’s own consciousness is what is being prompted. The planet is going through tense times. Strength and self-reliance are deeply needed. In order for these qualities to develop, certainty and self-assurance must be nourished. The Mercury retrograde period in which we find ourselves is primed for this type of growth. Use it well.

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