Astrological Profiles of Prominence – Che Guevara

‘Our neighbours in the Americas are bound to us by shared history, values and interests,’  – US President Barack Obama on his current Latin American journey.

‘Che is fairly intellectual for a Latino.’ – February 13, 1958, declassified CIA ‘biographical and personality report’.

‘I am not a liberator.They do not exist. The People liberate themselves.’ – Che Guevara

Born 14th May, 1928  at 3:05 am, Ernesto Che Guevara may not have considered himself a liberator, yet he was the most independent of souls himself. And, the prophetic legacy which he has left behind has been the fuel for revolutionaries seeking true freedom worldwide.

As Jupiter and Uranus currently continue their sojourn in Aries, his energy beckons from beyond, calling forth the continuance of the Revolution of the People.

Che himself had Jupiter and Uranus in igniting Aries, his Rising Sign. Yet, his Rising Sign was in the early degrees of that sign, carrying forward deep sensitivity and understanding from watery Pisces. With his Rising Sign conjunct Uranus, the Universe gave birth to a Radical destined to inspire the revolutionary spirit for eternity. Both of these planets, in addition to Mars, are all very closely clustered near the “Warrior Star” in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, the Bringer of the Rains to restore balance and quench the parched. Mars, in Pisces, in his twelfth house of the subconscious created a restless sensitivity, which, out of a love for humanity and altruism, prompted him to take action and shift from the field of medicine into that of militant activism.

Che once stated, ‘Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.’ His Moon, also in Pisces, occupied Shatabhisha, a notable placement for individuals with a strong impulse to heal. It formed a harmonious aspect with Pluto, in protective Cancer. Pluto, in Che’s chart, is in Punarvasu, where there is a strong desire to see righteousness restored. And knowing the strength of Pluto, this drive would have been more passionate than the heat of a million fires.

Guevara’s Jupiter, in Aries and Ashwini, forms a harmonious angle with Neptune in Leo, and the lunar mansion of Magha. Ashwini, along with Shatabhisha, is another prominent placement for those whose destiny is to heal. With Neptune in Magha, Che’s ardor was to uplift the dignity of the downtrodden.

With his Sun in Taurus and Krittika, he had the capability of understanding the true and harsh reality of suffering, the ability to see the negativity caused by capitalism run rampant and the tenacity to make a difference. Although a virtue, this was also quite painful for him to bear as the Sun forms a tense angle with Neptune, giving empathy for those stricken by the intolerable, yet who had to withstand it. This quality was likely the aspect of his personality which uttered the words, ‘If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.’

Astrology in action becomes all the more meaningful when we understand the wonder of the language. As Mars approaches his natal placement, Jupiter and Uranus transit Aries, and Mercury passes between the natal placement of his Jupiter and Uranus, also in Aries; his message reverberates across the globe. The Revolution rocks the Middle East and soon heads for the West. Imperialism and control can no longer thrive. Che is awake and alive in the hearts of many. In Guevara’s prophetic words, culled from a UN speech, ‘Yankee monopoly capitalism’ is now witnessing its ‘gravediggers’, and the ‘hour of vindication’ has arrived. Power should not be in the hands of the politicians, instead it belongs to the people.

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