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Power to the People

authenticsignInspiration and insight often arrive suddenly, and usually in a form that is not expected. We imagine that prosperity must wear a certain face, and always come smiling with a benefic gift. When we receive what seems to be the opposite, we have a tendency to curse our fate rather than embrace our destiny, and thus we deny the wealth and wisdom available to us. When this resistance is furthered, chaos and confusion is fuelled.

A case in point is the recent election in the UK, where there is now a hung Parliament. This means that no party holds a clear majority, and a coalition government must be formed. All parties are now pushing for an agreement, in a controlling manner, with their own agenda as the driving force, thereby creating bickering and fostering an environment in which a solution stands little chance of being realised. Any remedy to the current political disaster will only come organically and with time. And, chances are that it will not take the form that any of the three leading parties would conceive of, or agree with, given their own choice.

Saturn and Uranus, although separating from their opposition, are still intensely affecting each other. However, Jupiter is now running to the assistance of Uranus to rescue it from restriction. But, it is precisely this obstruction created by Saturn that has allowed something new to take shape in the form of opportunity for profound planetary change.

Jupiter and Uranus are closing in on a conjunction which does not become exact for a few weeks, but the impact of this alignment is now gaining in strength and prominence. Both planets are now transiting the tropical sign of Pisces. Jupiter is in the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada, whilst Uranus is currently residing in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada.

The energy of Pisces is there to teach us to trust in the moment and not to fear the unknown. Purva Bhadrapada creates spiritual energy and elevation. This lunar mansion, or nakshatra as lunar mansions are also called, is concerned with fostering evolution by creating that which is good for all. Purva Bhadrapada is actually ruled by Jupiter, which strengthens the potency of this alignment. Saturn’s energy, in opposition by alignment to Jupiter and Uranus, has further intensified the spiritual energy created by Purva Bhadrapada. It should also be noted that it is the planetary ruler of Uttara Bhadrapada. The obstruction created by Saturn may interfere, but it also serves to build the desire to overcome and more powerfully unleashes the energy of Jupiter and Uranus.

Uttara Bhadrapada is concerned with the forming of ideas that serve the higher good in a practical manner. It brings refreshment and relief. But as Uranus is transiting this nakshatra, transformation is not likely to come in a manner which one desires it to, but more likely in a radical, revolutionary and random way.

Another tense aspect, which becomes exact on 9th May, is currently creating the illusion that a solution can be created through pure rationalisation. Retrograde Mercury is presently transiting the stubborn sign of Taurus and the nakshatra of Ashwini. It is forming a sharp aspect with Venus in the split sign of Gemini, which enters the lunar mansion of Mrigasira prior to its exact alignment with Mercury.

Ashwini brings energy that is swift, but it warns us against impatience and trying to force matters. It instead prefers that we learn to listen. It thereby has the potential to strengthen the reflective quality of Retrograde Mercury. Mrigasira is concerned with the seeking of fulfilment. The lesson here is that selfish energy will only create more duality and conflict.

Where there is a desire for power and control, there can be no humility. Where there is no humility, minds are closed. A mind that is confused with restless chatter and shut down with megalomania cannot be receptive to the answers that it sorely needs. In order for an agreement to be reached between the political parties in the UK, they will have to learn to listen not only each other, but also to the people.

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