Pluto North Node

Pluto and the North Node: Chaotic Conjunction

They say that two things are inevitable, death and taxes. But, is this statement true? Taxes can be avoided, but that may not be wise. And whilst death of our mortal bodies will likely someday come, is there perhaps not some part of our being that survives the funeral pyre? And if we fear not the Reaper, does his face not become less gruesome and frightening?

A tricky moment many times is a call for cooperation. A confusing situation is also often a signal to listen more clearly to the voice less heard but potentially more powerful than that of the constant chatter of our intellect.

Seem like matters are feeling more chaotic these days but answers more elusive? We are looking at some powerfully transformative times. And we are being asked to dig a bit deeper than the surface for the answers.

There are two celestial “culprits” most deeply responsible for the present pandemonium – the seldom discussed North Node; and the planet associated with the deep places we often fear most, but also desperately need to traverse and understand, Pluto. There are also minor players in the current drama spurring on the intensity of the interaction between these two, such as Mars, Mercury and Venus. More on those in a moment.

Starting with Pluto and the North Node. These two planets are currently transiting the tropical sign of Capricorn whilst passing through the lunar mansion of Mula. The nodes, in astrology, are associated with the lessons that our soul is here to learn and our approach to them. The North Node can best be understood as being connected to our current approach to integrating life lessons. But, it also has another side which is less talked about.

The North Node, known as Rahu in Vedic Astrology, has an obsessive quality. When it comes into contact with another planet it intensifies the energy of it.  But, in essence, it does so to bring our attention more fully to the situation at hand. It creates the dichotomy of being faced with something seemingly difficult to grasp but which we somehow must fathom. The reason? To ensure integration and evolution. Pluto is deep and dark enough without its energy being heightened by that of the North Node. However, with these two energies working in tandem with each other, it becomes particularly puissant.

In the highly practical and methodical sign of Capricorn these two entities, approaching a conjunction with each other, are creating an uncertainty of direction. In the lunar mansion of Mula, they are confronting us with our ability, or inability, to trust in destiny. There is a  truth that needs to be seen that is deeper than the surface of the situation that is able to be discerned by our mundane minds.

Mercury, on the 1st November, creates a tense aspect with Pluto from the sign of Scorpio and the lunar mansion of Vishakha. If we desire truth,we must be patient and vigilant. Mercury’s interaction with Pluto, however, creates a pull simultaneously in several different directions. The answer is not obvious. So, the impetus becomes to try as many doors as we can possibly press open an inch or two in order to find what lies beyond.

Venus, retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and currently transiting the lunar mansion of Swati, forms a harmonious accord with Pluto later on the same day. When the answers that we seek do not comply with our efforts to find them it is all too easy to become flustered and to pursue progress in a panic. Not always the wisest of decisions. Often, we are being asked instead to blow with the winds of change, rather than simply releasing a lot of hot air.

Mars, on the same day, forms a harmonious alignment with Venus. And then on the following day, it forms the same aspect with Pluto. Mars has recently entered the pioneering sign of Sagittarius and is presently passing through the lunar mansion of Anuradha. An adventurous spirit and a hearty passion for truth and wisdom can help to cut to the heart of the matter and clear the confusion and chaos.

We are often fooled by our fears. And in such states, rather than heed the warning of which they are the augury with discrimination, we instead allow ourselves to get worked into a frenzy. The lucid direction of destiny cannot be envisaged by a mind so entrapped.

Action must be taken. And yes, if the path is not clear, some footwork is still necessary. But caution must be taken to not mistake the forest for the trees. Instead, awareness must be cultivated and maintained.

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