New! Self-Empowerment through Astrological Coaching Packages

Michael Reed

Vedic Astrology Offers the Most Excellent Tools for Personal Transformation! The horoscope is a blue print of the Soul and a roadmap to Self-Acceptance and Self-Empowerment. I have experienced, with clients willing enough to do the Self-Work some pretty amazing shifts in an individual’s life through an approach of using several consultations to go more deeply into the matters confronting the individual in order to release the power of healing in their horoscope.

Let’s face it, we all sometimes hit those periods where we feel stuck. And whereas one consultation can help at those times, it is too easy to fall back into our patterns without the proper ‘reminders’ on hand to keep us from doing so. That is why I have decided to re-visit offering packages to clients wishing to do deep work using astrology as a transformational tool.

I am presently offering 3 Consultation Packages where I will be your Personal Astrological Coach. These contain an Initial 90 Minute Consultation allowing us to understand the Primary Karmic Factors in the Horoscope and develop a plan with which to approach and help to heal them. In addition, we will meet regularly for additional 90 minute sessions. Clients will be given remedial recommendations working with affirmation, mantra and where appropriate Bach Flower Essences. Plus Self Homework will be given and we can check back in on your progress. In addition, you have access to me by email in the instance where you feel like you are confronting a crisis and are in need of additional coaching support (within limits as long as you don’t email me every day.)

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