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New Moon in Krittika and Taurus


Often times, our life within this physical plane of existence has the tendency to draw us into a trance of mundanity. We get caught in the web of our concerns, and yes, our desires to the extent that we can see nothing beyond this. And with the recent astrology of Saturn opposing Uranus and a building opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, it’s no wonder that the intensity is mounting to a crescendo and that most of our minds feel absorbed.

In one way or another, I am certain that we have all needed to make some very difficult decisions lately. And, in addition, with minds and hearts that are feeling the strain of stress. From such a chaotic head space, clarity is hard to find, yet it is what is needed the most.

Thursdays New Moon in the tropical sign of Taurus and the lunar mansion of Krittika offers the opportunity to act from a space of centeredness, yet strength needs to be summoned in order to actualise this potential.

The lunar mansion of Krittika is fire’s ability to purify and transform. And in order to move forward with confidence we are being asked to examine our desires and relinquish any that are concerned with an outcome that is driven by selfishness. A wider scope of vision is what is needed. Where duality exists, it is necessary to see both sides of the equation and measure matters in the balance of the heart where true ethics hold sway.

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