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Neptune, Uranus and Saturn – The Revolution Will Be Live

authenticsignRevolution is never easy, but it is always necessary. It is preceded by the revelation of a deep truth that penetrates to the core and spurs restlessness, then change. The realisation responsible for the impulse is necessarily intense, otherwise the awakening would never occur. It would seem that many people are more comfortable sleeping, as awareness requires responsibility.

Humanity has become too reliant on the structures previously put in place in order to safeguard, namely the Establishment. Those who comprise and ensure the furtherance of these structures are more than happy to be in their positions of power and control. Their security is ensured by ignorance amongst the masses, which they feed at every opportunity. After all, people are more easily managed when they are kept in the dark, drugged with materialism and mass consumerism. As long as these opiates are able to be maintained, the majority of humanity is all too willing to relinquish their freedom and civil liberties to those who benefit from these restrictions.

Fortunately enough, the slumber cannot continue. Unrest is building, which gives birth to transformation. And the planetary heavy weights responsible for this movement are presently Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. These three outer planets comprise a portion of the transpersonal planets in astrology. Their involvement in celestial occurrences shapes the course of destiny for humanity in a very profound manner.

Let’s first take a look at the interaction between Neptune, the planet of spiritual truth, realisation and imagination; and Uranus, which is associated with revolution, sudden changes and paradigm shifts, and also the human community.

Neptune and Uranus are currently involved in an intensifying energy exchange. Neptune is currently transiting Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. And Uranus is presently moving through Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune. In astrological terms, this is known as a state of mutual reception. Each planet is powerfully influencing the other due to this situation. In addition, Neptune and Uranus are currently forming a harmonious angle, known as a semi-sextile, which becomes exact by degree on Tuesday, 13th April. Ordinarily, a semi-sextile is known as a minor aspect. But, as these are two of the transpersonal planets, which by their nature move very slowly, and also due to the state of mutual reception existent between the two, this angle is more profound.

Neptune is occupying the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, which is connected to the concept of self-reliance. Uranus is in Uttara Bhadrapada, which has the ability to inspire ideas which are of greater benefit to humanity.

As Neptune and Uranus intensify in their aspect, Uranus and retrograde Saturn are heating up in their next to last opposition for approximately twenty-eight years. Saturn, which has recently, in its retrograde motion, regressed back into the sign of Virgo, is transiting the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. This lunar mansion is connected with the concept of social mores, and also with prosperity created through partnership with others.

Humanity is being put to the test. We are being asked to become more ethical in our conduct. Humanity has lost its ability to tune into nature, another association of Dhanishtha. Concepts of self-reliance have been eschewed in favour of surrender to the controlling arm of the Establishment. And as long as the nodding numbness of consumerism and mass media keeps the majority ignorant, the virtues of self-government and indeed of self-control shall not be found. But, fortunately enough, Uranus’ movement through Uttara Bhadrapada, which brings the rains to quell the parched earth, can plant the seeds of spiritual awakening which are nourished through positive interdependence.

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