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Neptune in Pisces – A New Dawn

Some people can become so accustomed to noise and clamour that they hardly notice it. But then there are others so sensitive to the smallest sound, that deep slumber becomes impossible.

The heavy sleepers could doze through a brass band marching through their room. Their alarms do not awaken them. Something more intense is necessary to break through their wall of oblivious somnolence. As with physical sleep, so also with lack of Spiritual Consciousness. The deeper the level of ignorance induced by the Entrancement of the Black Augurers of Power Lust, the more difficult it becomes to break the spell. Mass media, joined with the Enticement of Mass Consumption, drive to the Catatonic State of Desensitisation. Fear also controls and strengthens the desire to quelch awareness. Those who would hold the position of the Great Hypnotist are very aware of this fact.

The Universe is offering a New Dawn for Humanity, but in order for the trance to be broken and the Light to be witnessed, an awareness of what one has been blinded to must be experienced. Chaos often precedes clarity; illusion obscures lucidity until the cloud is cleared.

Neptune enters its home sign of Pisces on 4th April, 2011 GMT. Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, brings awareness, allowing transition from  one state to another. Its sensitivity, though sometimes painful to bear, is so profound that ignorance cannot thrive. But the danger is in the desire to escape into the realm of the imaginary. This need not be a hindrance when idealism is coupled with practical action, such as in the case of envisioning a better world in which to live and getting up off of one’s duff to do something about it. Prior to its entry into Pisces, the Guardian of the Cosmic Waters has been transiting the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, triggering the ardor for deeper autonomy. A few weeks after its entry into Pisces, it will ingress into the asterism of Shatabhisha. Crisis can increase in such a condition, but only so that deeper awareness of the illness, which has been only too prominent on the global stage for what seems like aeons, can be culled.

Neptune makes its presence felt in Pisces with a Big Bang, initiated by the presence of six planets in the sign of Aries coinciding with a New Moon in this fiery sign two days prior to Neptune’s shift.

On 2nd April, Mars, Uranus, the Sun, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury are joined by a New Moon, all in Aries. Mars and Uranus, closely conjunct each other on that day in Uttara Bhadrapada, bring intensity. But such a passionate spark is necessary to burn away the dross responsible for the Virus of Insolent Inscience.

The Sun and Jupiter, themselves approaching a conjunction at that time in the lunar mansion of Revati, promise the antidote to Deep Negativity. An expansive Light of Hope can continue to incisively cut through Lies propagated by those who profit from manipulation  as these two planets oppose retrograde Saturn in Libra, and also in the asterism of Hasta.

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and retrograde Mercury all occupy Revati on the day of the New Moon. As Mercury is the ruler of this lunar mansion, Revati’s energy is intensely strengthened. It’s power is that of trust, protection and hope during transformation. The understanding of interdependence and concern for the welfare of one’s fellow Humans has long been lost. The energy of these planets can plant the seeds of restoring this balance.

In the background during all of this, yet making its presence very strongly felt, is a deepening, tense aspect between Uranus and Pluto. As this massive gathering of planets in Aries approaches, it is the aspect between Pluto and Uranus that is most deeply responsible for the heightening of tension,

From our mundane perspective, we  see coincidence. Yet the Universal Vantage is one of Synchronistic Synergy between the Celestial Giants. The triggering of the nuclear disaster in Japan as Pluto and Uranus began to deepen their mutual orb of influence is no mere fluke. It is the Language of the Cosmos spoken in order to instruct and awaken Humanity. Pluto, soon to move into the lunar mansion of Purva Ashadha, powerfully persuades in order to create positive change by making known, and only too deeply, the danger of an atomic future. It is, again, no mere coincidence that Uranus rules radioactivity, and that the Fukushima plant operated using both Plutonium and Uranium.

Massive Catharsis of Human Negativity is on the horizon to clear the Cosmic Heart for a New Dawn. Will Humanity cling to materialism and pursue its insatiable desire for more capital till its dying breath? Must it all go up in flames and many die at the hands of Despotic Dictators, too fearful to relinquish their grip? Or, can we awaken with the Rising Sun to blaze a new trail? The answer is available to you in each moment. The only blinds closed to the Growing Rays are the shutters on the Awareness in your Heart. Let in the Light.

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