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Neptune and Uranus – Swimming in the Unexpected (Part I)


Nature is the greatest teacher. Its lessons are abundant and omnipresent. Humanity, it would seem has a hard time understanding the language that it speaks. It abuses Nature for its own selfish gain and deafens its ear to the pleading voice of the planet. No surprise really. Humanity has even distanced itself from its own inherent nature. It is so far divorced from its essence that it has become a motherless child. The only way that Nature can bring the human species back into the fold is through some rather strong and sometimes harsh lessons.

Neptune and Uranus are presently playing a huge role in awakening the ignorant to the problems now manifest and manifold. These two transpersonal planets are forming a harmonious aspect known as a semi-sextile that is being intensified by the fact that each planet is in a sign that is ruled by the other. In summary, their energies are very strongly influencing each other.

Massive earth changes are taking place. Many would deny it, or at least try to ignore it. But with so many stories involving water, storms and earthquakes appearing it is becoming harder not to get the message that is being spoken more loudly with each moment. Humanity abuses the earth and each other for profit. Altruism has been tossed aside. Many do not even know the meaning of the word, nor do they care to. But there is a lesson that needs to be integrated if humanity is to still populate the planet. We need to rise above our selfishness, become simultaneously more self reliant and also interdependent; accept responsibility for our actions by facing the challenges that are now present and heal an epidemic of ignorance before it can spread any further.

The planet is ill. Humans have become the disease. But, the earth knows how to heal itself. And it is now doing so.

Humanity is undergoing an immense shift, painfully shedding its materialistic skin to reveal its true spiritual and humanitarian essence. Each individual will be undergoing their own unique transformation during this time. If you would like to experience a deep, interactive exploration of the particular opportunities, choices and challenges you face on your own journey through this shift in human consciousness, then Authentic Astrology can offer you that chance through a Personal Astrology Telephone Consultation. For more information on the options available for these in-depth Consultations with Authentic Man, please Click Here.

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