More Brilliant than the Sun

How Bright the Sun?

We are now offering Weekly Personal Audio Reports that are based upon your Complete Astrology, not just your Sun Sign. For only $9.99, you will receive a Personalised and Downloadable MP3 file based upon the Current and Approaching Astrological Alignments and their relation to your Personal Birth Chart for a Week (from date of preparation).

No two souls are alike. We each have Distinctive Gifts and face Unique Challenges on the Path to Personal Prosperity and Evolution. Humanity is experiencing a Massive Spiritual Revolution, and it is strengthened by the Personal Revolution we each undergo daily. By ordering you will not only be furthering your own Personal Revolution, but also providing vital support to the furtherance and evolution of the Mission of Authentic Astrology. For more information, please Click Here.

In light of the ongoing Economic Transformation, we have also reduced the pricing on our Telephone Consultations. For further information, please Click Here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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