Moon in Vishakha – 5th March, 2010


The lunar mansion of Vishakha is connected with cultivation and the eventual reaping of the harvest. Today, the Moon will move through this lunar mansion whilst it transits the Western sign of Scorpio and the Vedic constellations of Libra and Scorpio.

Venus will move into the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada today at 3:13 am CST. Uttara Bhadrapada is connected with the rain which quenches the dry earth. The idea is the condensation of ideas into tangible results.

Quite often, we reach the end of a specific cycle. Life begins to feel uncomfortable and challenging. But, in essence, this is all for the better. This is the aching of the seed to sprout and grow. The right balance of patience and restlessness is the proper fertiliser for a bountiful harvest. All things in due time? Perhaps. But also, there is no time like the present to allow for impulse.

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