Moon in Swati – 4th March, 2010

authenticsignThe Moon today will be transiting the lunar mansion of Swati. This nakshatra has the energy of restlessness and movement.

Whilst the Moon is moving through Swati, it will transit the Western sign of Scorpio, and the Vedic constellation of Libra.

Restlessness and unease can be disconcerting, frustrating and annoying. When there is no apparent path forwards, the energy stagnates instead of moving, which is its natural tendency. But channelled appropriately, energy of this sort can also be highly creative. In the midst of chaos, there can also be inspiration. But, inspiration is often not found by seeking. Instead, it finds you. Have faith and surrender to the winds of change. Even if it initially seems as if they are sweeping you towards no particular destination, they are definitely blowing.

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