Moon in Anuradha – 6th March, 2010


Today, the Moon will occupy the lunar mansion of Anuradha. Whilst transiting this lunar mansion, the Moon will move through the Western sign of Sagittarius and the Vedic constellation of Scorpio.

Anuradha is associated with devotion.

That which we create often takes on a life of its own. Becoming overly attached to it can be both counterproductive, and also unhealthy. Our emotions are similar. Often when we feel something, we do so very deeply. But, emotions are meant to move, and will do so given proper space. By all means, be true to your heart today. Be moved by your feelings inwardly, and also be open to their power to motivate. However, be aware that beyond this sensation is a space of profound depth. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience it.

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