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Mercury’s Shadow and the Saturn Pluto Square – The Chilcot Inquiry

authenticsignNo matter how difficult it may be to find, the truth will eventually come to light. Especially so in a week involving a tense aspect between retrograde Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn.

The UK Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war brought the former prime minister, Tony Blair to the stand last Friday. Although it is likely a whitewash leading up to the election as it was the creation of Gordon Brown, it still was not a useless appearance by the former prime minister. He had to face the panel in front of an angry crowd partially comprised of families of soldiers who had perished in the conflict.

Being the stubborn Taurean that he is, he held tightly to the same old sound bytes used before the war, and also stated that he would do the same thing again. But as his natal South Node was being transited by a retrograde Mars in Leo close to a Full Moon in the same sign, his astrology shows that he likely took on a very deep karmic lesson from the experience.

Saturn is transiting the lunar mansion of Hasta this week, Hasta has the power to place the object that one desires within one’s grasp. Pluto, which is involved in the tense aspect with Saturn, is in Mula which suggests deep realisation connected with a painful experience. Saturn is in the tropical sign of truth and justice, Libra. Pluto is in a sign, which, on one level, is connected with government and authority, Capricorn. This is the perfect astrological climate for the abuse of power to be brought to light. But there is a deeper spiritual message for humanity. Truth is always there to be found, and it is becoming ever more apparent that those whom we place in power will always try to hide their true motives, which on one level or another always come back to the same things -money or power. Humanity needs to become more self sufficient and less reliant on others to tell them what to do, think or feel. Perhaps when this begins, the spirit of true humanity can be felt stirring within our souls.

Mercury passes over its shadow point tomorrow. The shadow point is the degree at which a recently retrograde planet commenced its retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is an energy of reflection. When it passes its shadow point, it is an astrologically ripe time for wisdom gained to be fully integrated and put into motion.

Mercury, during its retrograde motion transited the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha before coming close to an exact conjunction with Pluto in the lunar mansion of Mula. Purva Ashadha has the power of invigoration and charisma associated with it. Globally, for many, the realisation that world leaders can often hoodwink the masses and lead them down a destructive path has come to light.

On the tail end of transiting its shadow point, Mercury will, within a few days, transit the position of the recent 15th January solar eclipse in the nakshatra of Uttara Ashadha and the tropical sign of Capricorn. A powerful synchronicity is that this eclipse took place on the birthday of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.

Uttara Ashadha has the ability to create an unshakeable strength. The energy of Uttara Ashadha is notable for taking time to reap its benefits.

Eclipses are portals of change, and they also show their results over time. With Mercury passing both its shadow, and the eclipse point, change for the better in humanity can be had. We are being asked to spark the flame of Altruism in our hearts, and to hold the torch high. Although difficult to see, truth eventually becomes prevalent and humanity can find a better way.

The recent quake in Haiti brought a lot of lessons home for us all. Don’t become apathetic and lose sight of them.

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