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Mercury, Venus and Jupiter – For the Good of All

authenticsignThe energy of Retrograde Mercury is supportive of inner communication. Intuition, insight and listening rather than externalising are bolstered by the planet of communication during its internalised cycle. As Mercury is again slowing down in order to station and once again move forwards, it is presently extremely powerful.

Mercury is currently in the lunar mansion of Ashwini, which in itself strengthens the ability to listen and tune into the inner dialogue. A tense aspect known as a semi-square is formed between Mercury and Venus on 9th May. Venus is in the tropical sign of Gemini and the lunar mansion of Mrigasira.

Gemini has a dualistic nature, whilst Mrigasira is connected with interacting with consciousness in order to find fulfilment. The tense aspect formed between these two planets is asking us to be aware of opinions and also desires other than our own.

Venus, the planet of desire and sensual gratification is beginning to apply to a sharp alignment with Jupiter, which is transiting the sign of Pisces and the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. Purva Bhadrapada has the propensity to elevate the energy of Venus in its alignment with Jupiter. This nakshatra also has the ability to support thoughts and feelings that are more selfless. It is concerned with creating something that is for the highest good of all.

There is a choice within every moment. If we can develop a hunger for that which is best for all, and relinquish our more selfish desires, then humanity and the planet have an opportunity to truly thrive. Practice awareness.

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