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Mercury Square Jupiter – Inspiration, Innovation and Discernment

authenticsignWhen it functions in a manner conducive to our spiritual evolution, the heart functions as the balance point between spirit and the mind. It can help to sort out the intense confusion created by the conflict between flesh and spirit. But, when acting to our detriment, the heart can also become too passionately embroiled in a set of circumstances conveyed to us by our senses and interfere with our ability to act with awareness.

How often have you found yourself in the following set of circumstances? A flash of inspiration comes to you. You are creatively driven by this impulse. The Universe corresponds with positive results. Your imagination is motivated towards an ever deepening flood of musing. What started, once, as an egg, has now become a multitude of chickens laying wish-fulfilling eggs in your imagination. But, in reality, you still only have an egg. This is positive in, and of, itself. But, it is by no means the fantasy that you have allowed the emotional waters touched by enthusiasm to engender.

Similarly, our emotions can cause us to judge a situation pessimistically. Let’s say, for instance, that your aforementioned motivation meets with obstruction over and over again. A seeming failure creates a sense of depression within, and you become so affected that you give up. When, perhaps,  the Universal Message may be meant to incite your inner sense of innovation.

On Thursday, 25th November at 2:18 pm GMT, Mercury, the cosmic messenger forms a tense aspect known as a square with Jupiter, the herald of faith, hope and inspiration. The intensification of this aspect as it approaches exactitude corresponds with a deepening conjunction between the North Node and Pluto, which becomes perfectly precise on 27th November at 2:55 pm GMT. An applying conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, cosmic source of innovation and rebellion is also making its presence more strongly felt in collaboration with these other astrological  aspects. This, however, does not become exact for another few weeks.

Mercury is currently transiting the Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius, having recently formed a conjunction with Mars, the planet of passion, in the lunar mansion of Jyeshtha. Jyeshtha arouses the desire to rise above a particular set of circumstances. With Mercury still under Mars’ influence, the flames of desire can cause one to act impulsively, when in reality, the essence of Jyeshtha is asking us to see matters from a higher perspective. A healthy Sagittarian sense of adventure and positive thinking can help to find the proper path.

Jupiter, currently in the sign of Pisces and the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada, where it is joined by Uranus, sees potential within the moment. And with the proper awareness, it can come up with an innovative answer, with the assistance of Uranus. But, if the desire to break free of the confines of seeming obstruction becomes too overwhelming, then impetuousness can cloud judgement, or the Neptunian seas of fantasy become too torrential to set a clear course.

As these planets intensify in their aspect, Pluto and the North Node are approaching their conjunction in the sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula. Their combined energies have been calling us to a quest through confusing turmoil over the last few weeks, straight to the heart of truth and revelation. Their celestial guidance is asking us to look at matter lucidly and realistically. But, beware the danger of losing inspiration.

A healthy balance is necessary. When an answer seems elusive, we can all too easily become swayed by a mind confused by the input of the senses drawing from the realm of the material. In such a state, it is difficult to see what the Universe is asking of us. The soul knows the answer. Look at the situation through the clear lens of the heart’s vision, unclouded by attachment to emotional ferocity, but instead guided by reflection and discernment.

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