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Mercury Retrograde November 2012 ~ Shut Up and Listen!

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

‘If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.’ – Albert Einstein

How many thoughts do we think in the flash of a moment? How many emotions are attached to all those thoughts? How great a weight are we carrying? And why do we never allow ourselves to experience the peace of simply existing, and existing simply? Why is the tool that we were given to serve consciousness the instrument of our own demise? We allow the mind to think it can run the show. We delude ourselves into believing we are masters of all that we survey, rather than recognising the mind as a gift with which to attain self-mastery. Born as Children of the Universe, we have instead become a symptom, a malignant tumor upon the body of Mother Earth causing her illness. Yet, still our ignorance continues. We see ourselves as the only conscious existence in the Cosmos whilst we are surrounded by living, thinking organic beings whose voice we choose to ignore simply because we do not understand the language. All of nature speaks. But, our ears have been closed for too long, as has our heart.

The stones, trees, animals, the Earth; indeed the entire Universe is a living conscious entity of which we are only a minute fraction. Yet, when a storm strikes the mainland of the United States first affecting Atlantic City, a center of gambling and financial debauchery we don’t get the point. Additionally, it hits the nation’s financial center, New York closing the New York Stock Exchange for two days.  Yet trading goes on as usual. The pursuit of materialism continues to lure us down an ever more twisted path and still we continue to destroy the very thing that would nourish us incessantly if we would only slow, stop, listen and harmonise.

The Cosmos has High Blood Pressure, you know? Its rage is building. But, it has to. A parent will speak strongly to stop a child from destruction. And if the child does not listen? The voice intensifies. Our industrialisation has raped, pillaged and looted the planet. Yet we are surprised at ‘super storms’ and other catastrophes out of an ignorance that keeps us blinded to the synergistic relationship of which we are a part. We are being given a very strong alarm to arouse us from the depths of our numbing slumber. So, we dare not roll over and hit the snooze button.

On 6th November, 2012, Mercury stations before shifting to retrograde motion until 26th November. As Mercury stations, if you allow yourself to tune in to the celestial frequency it emanates, you will notice a silence pervading the atmosphere surrounding you. If you are uneasy with silence, that can seem threatening. But only because you will not allow your mind to do the very thing it needs, which is to shut up and listen.

Many people see Mercury retrograde as a nuisance. It disrupts their daily routine as everything from cars to computers malfunction. But, it is meant to do so. When Mercury is in its state of retrogradation, we are meant to reflect, to seek internally rather than pursue externally. This approaching station of Mercury is exceptionally powerful as it occurs within one degree of arc in a harmonious aspect with Uranus, itself no stranger to rocking a few boats and overturning a couple of apple carts along the way just for good measure. So, why the surprise at such paradigm shifting phenomena?

Mercury is presently transiting the early portion of the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, shaking the foundation of our belief….and disbelief….to the core. As it does so, it occupies the passionate Lunar Mansion of Anuradha. Anuradha relates to the development of potential. Through its energy, a dichotomy is raised. We can either utilise our creativity toward selfish ends, or toward more spiritual pursuits such as the deepening of consciousness and the recognition of the interrelatedness of all. It strives to guide us toward right pursuit, but first through rebalancing that which has become off kilter.

Uranus is presently in active Aries, delivering a whopping dose of imminence and impatience. Humanity is way past zero hour, and a change must take place. Within Aries, Uranus is in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada ~ enigmatic and full of potential. This sector of the sky is noted for storms of all sorts, whether they be weather related or in the form of revolution, personal or global. Yet, it too has a purpose of balance as its goal is in the attenuation of negativity in preparation for deep recognition and revelation.

As we approach the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio mid-month, we are being asked to reflect not only upon our past actions and the havoc they have wrought, but also to meditate upon the path ahead and what it entails. The energy which is prevalent must be potent in order to cut through the veil of ignorance which blocks us from the vision of our true potential. The tide may now turn in any direction. But, in conscious awareness we can listen. So, if your stereo soon malfunctions, tune into the music of your heart. If your television is on the blink, be thankful. You are being liberated from the control of the Black Augurers of Power Lust and the hands of the Corporacracy. Switch to the Love Channel instead. Enjoy the silence, for within it lies wisdom.

In each of our lives, we are being asked to seek a new direction. I would be happy to help you find the path, if you wish. Please consider a Telephone Consultation or one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. Through doing so, you will be supporting the Mission of Authentic Astrology-promoting the Conscious Use of Astrology as the Language of the Universe. Together we are stronger! – AM

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