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Mercury Conjuncts Uranus March 2012 – Peril and Grace

Grace and Strength

‘He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.‘ – Sun Tzu

How do you react when you are caught unprepared, or with your guard down? Do you allow it to incense you and thereby likely destroy your propensity for discernment? Or, do you allow for the unexpected in your approach to life and are therefore prepared for any unknown factors that may come into the equation?

A life lived with Awareness teaches us that the only way to prepare for everything, is to be ready for anything. The Universe presents us with tests, challenges to determine the grit of our soul. In responding appropriately, maintaining one’s grace and composure is vital. The calm mind can appraise any situation wisely, whereas the impassioned mind is more prone to hasty decisions, that upon retrospect may be judged to be foolish. But, feelings are not within our control. They arise unexpectedly,┬ácolour our judgement and escape any attempt to quell them. To try to control them only builds their intensity. But, they can be witnessed as they surface and seen in the Light of Objectivity.

The world is changing at a quickened pace. That which we once thought could never occur is happening with more regularity. For those who require a strong sense of emotional and material security in order to thrive, these are perilous times. But, for those who seek and have found inner strength and wisdom, it is a time for rapid advancement.

On 5th March, 2012, Mercury the Messenger, newly entered into the sign of Aries forms a conjunction with the Herald of the Unexpected, Uranus. Don’t be surprised if there are suddenly problems with your internet connection or if there is an unanticipated knock upon your door. Or, even a random phone call from out of the blue. These are natural occurrences for this type of aspect. But, they are there to alert our attention to the plausibility of more major events that can transpire and for which we need to muster as much equanimity and objectivity as possible.

With both planets in Aries, the potential for conflict is high as is the possibility of words hastily spoken that cannot be retracted when we later regret their impact. However, such a conflagrant energy is highly desirable when there are quite a few apple carts to be overturned in the name of justice. The wise warrior picks his moment and the iron couldn’t be much hotter. Both of these planets are transiting the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, where righteous anger can be harnessed and directed towards appropriate ends. Self-control and patience abate the flames and allow them to burn with lasting brilliance.When passions are tumultuous, only detachment can subjugate them. This requires the cultivation of sensory awareness.

As we approach the Grand Earth Trine in the middle of March, the intensity is building. And we are being asked to develop both Grace and Strength in equal measures. Be ready by being open and aware. The Grand Earth Trine is massive in its potential for positive transformation. Learn more about the impact of this massive aspect upon your Complete Astrology through a Telephone Consultation.

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