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Mars Trine Uranus September 2011 – Of Tyranny and Liberation

Gaza Victim

It is difficult for some to integrate turmoil, unrest, chaos and passionately fervent revolution as beneficial. Yet, where tyranny is dominant its demise is righteous. Where chains threaten to shackle, their destruction liberates. Where Power enslaves with Illusion, toppling it yields Awareness.

The Global Climate is currently one of  Uncertainty. The call for change is intensifying. Humanity has been in the Dark for too long, held in bondage by a series of lies, perpetrated in the name of  ‘ensuring national security’, when the reality is more along the lines of safeguarding the salaries of politicians and CEOs. The balance of power is shifting. A new and more Authentic Democracy is emerging. But, its creation is in a state of incubancy. It requires nourishment for its survival. It thrives on Awareness and Truth. Apathy, Ignorance and Tyranny are its enemies.

Those who have been invested with Stewardship, namely politicians, have proven incapable of the position. Their modus operandi has been solely one of shape-shifting to suit their position. Yet, when every form they assume proves their falseness, the game is up and their time is done. Such are times that sort the Wheat from the Chafe, the Posers from the Authentic, the Ignorant from the Aware. In the words of Che Guevara, “It’s better to die standing than to live on your knees.” If the ‘leaders’ stand for nothing and no one but their own interests, then it is all too clear that we are on our own, and painfully clear that this has likely been the case for quite a long time.

The times that approach require that Humanity bolsters and supports that which is righteous. There is not time for being wishy-washy or numb. It is time to face the Truth before Fate delivers it with a Harsher Countenance. Globally, this is  becoming more apparent.

With Natural Disaster becoming much more common, Humanity is being asked to become more aware of its impact upon the environment through the Mass Consumption of Resources. The War in Libya, fought in the guise of Humanitarianism, is nothing but a struggle for oil. Leaders globally ignore the cries of the Poor to the benefit of the Elite. It is not Economy that needs safeguarding, it is Humanity and the Planet.

Justice is being harshly served to the Arrogant and the Tyrannical. News stories seem to point to a new chapter in the Israeli – Palestinian Crisis as Palestine moves towards a bid for UN Statehood based upon the 1967 borders, which would mean that Israel could be taken to the World Court. Turkey has declared that it will back the delivery of relief to Gaza with warships if necessary. The Egyptian People have raided the Israeli Embassy and are also standing against the military rule which has supplanted Mubarak, demanding,  once again, Justice. Israel is demanding that the US show its cards.The lines are being drawn. Conviction demanded. Individually and Collectively, will we stand for Ethics and Justice? Or, for Convenience and Delusion?

On the 23rd September, 2011 GMT, a harmonious alignment between Mars and Uranus becomes exact. Mars is Passionate and Active. Uranus is Radical and Revolutionary. This alignment is heightened by Uranus’ presence in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, and the fact that both planets form a sharp alignment with Pluto which will have returned to forward motion by the time of exactitude of aspect between Mars and Uranus.

Mars in Leo heralds the decision between Selfishness or Selflessness. As it applies and becomes precise in its alignment with Uranus, it will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Pushya. Pushya relates to Sacrifice for that which is Righteous. Fear is a disease of Ego, and Pushya asks that we nourish Soul and Spirit to break the bonds of Darkness.

Uranus in Aries is Active and bent on toppling the status quo. It is presently occupying the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada energy is symbolic of the Spiritual Warrior whose duty is to champion Justice. It is stormy. Yet, the Rain it delivers Nourishes and Refreshes. It brings change beneficial for all, but the tension must be weathered.

Both planets form a tense aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn, in this equation, represents the Power Structures so heavily ossified that they have become Dysfunctional. Pluto is Truth and Transformation. Power built upon Lies and Injustice cannot survive the Light of Truth. Certainly this is why many world leaders are behaving like ‘headless chickens’ (pardon the analogy my fine feathered friends). Pluto is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Mula which brings Dissolution, Revelation and Recognition.

As the fog of Superficial Delusion and Mass Hypnosis by Corporate Materialism begins to clear, Reality becomes more certain. Its features may appear momentarily monstrous. Yet, as we awaken to the duty at hand, awaken to Reality and demand that Justice be delivered, its features shift. You can’t hide from the Truth. But, you can be its Champion. To the extent that you do, it will serve you. The responsibility may seem daunting. But, it is necessary.

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