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Mars Trine Uranus October 2012 ~ Through the Looking Glass

‘Through the Looking Glass’ ~ Photo Authentic Astrology

When we become aware of our strength, how can we continue to ignore our potential?  And, why would we desire to do so? Have we become so entrenched in our darkness that it has become comfortable? Awakening to our awareness in its ever deepening stages is a profound and sometimes cataclysmic process. Within the Cosmic Egg, we sense that there is something beyond the shell; a light that beckons us from beyond. Although our encasement has provided much needed nourishment for our development, we have outgrown it and the yearning becomes too powerful and passionate to go unheeded. Yet, there is the problem of the shell. It is thick and solid. To break through it is an enormous challenge, not to mention the difficulty of facing our own inner fear which must also be overcome. Although mingled with feelings of excitement, our sense of  trepidation is causing a profound desire to hesitate; to prevaricate for one moment longer. But, if we wish to be free, we will find a way.

Once out of the shell, we discover that we are faced with another obstacle, and yet another. And with each, we are called upon to summon deeper resources of strength and wisdom in order to continue the upward climb. A great intensity now builds, and we face the great unknown. That strangeness has perhaps even assumed the form of a stranger once familiar to us and arouses a burning passion to rebel and fight off our perceived imprisoner. Yet, oddly enough, we would not be experiencing resistance were it not for the fact that within; we are, in some manner known or unbeknownst, opposing ourselves. Who exactly are we rising up against? And when we discover the enemy, is it not surprising that it appears to behave in a manner similar to the visage that we witness when gazing into the looking glass?

On Monday 15th October 2012, Mars becomes exact in a harmonious aspect with Uranus. This potent angle coincides with a tense alignment between Saturn and Jupiter, and a New Moon in Libra. The potential is momentous, as are the stormy feelings which are likely surfacing from realms long hidden.

Uranus is presently in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars, making this aspect much more deeply pronounced. Within the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, Uranus’ inexplicable, stormy and rebellious nature is simultaneously tantalising and frightening. A surprise ~ a hallmark of Uranus ~ can either be pleasant, such as in a birthday party, or dreadful such as an unexpected visit from in-laws. But, I think the question that we really should be contemplating is whether or not we may actually receive a visit from in-laws who come bearing birthday cake. Occasionally, something we wish to avoid also offers a gift. Then again, sometimes a gift turns out to be something we wish to return. Hmmm ……. Either way, the energy of Uranus in Uttara Bhadrapada serves as a balancing factor; a sharp energy that bears the potential to bring refreshing change.

Mars has recently entered pioneering Sagittarius and is passing through the passionate Lunar Mansion of Anuradha. This Lunar Mansion invokes feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Although unpleasant in essence, these emotions can serve a positive purpose. Feelings of intense yearning are stimulated, the guiding factor being the realisation and reunification with that from which we feel separated. On the spiritual level, this relates to our own estrangement from the Soul that we have created by identifying with the ego.

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

You cannot have an angle between Mars and Uranus without revolution. In all of our lives the impetus now arises to conquer a force which we see as oppressive. On the world stage, we see this as being apparent in every nation’s drama. The soil is fertile for upheaval. The case is similar on the individual level. Change must come, and soon. The revolution we each fight is one of awareness. The spoils of victory? Our own increased creative potential, to be honoured and not abused. Yet, this battle can be more easily won if we recognise that our opponent is not as alien as they seem. In some manners, they bear an eerily familiar presence. It is only through venturing down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass that balance can be found.

The spiritual revolution is borne of Self-Awareness. Declare a truce on the inner battlefield by having a Telephone Consultation.

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