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Mars Trine Saturn July 2011 – Commitment and Cooperation

Where there is a decision to be made, passion can often prompt foolishness. Yet, a heightened state of impulse and irritation can also feed into the equation in a positive manner. Such energy will definitely make sure that movement and change are inevitable. However, patience and discernment should be honoured to ensure that a refined approach is opted for over one that is reckless.

Mars in Gemini does not reflect the concepts of commitment and clarity at the inception of its cycle. Gemini is too dualistic, too flexible. An impetuous and active Martian energy can be very heavily impacted by a shift in opinion and perspective. Yet there is a purpose and a place to everything under the stars.

Where Mars wants accelerated movement, Saturn prefers the slow and steady approach. Fast and slow do not usually function well in conjunction with each other. The analogies of oil and water come to mind, or sand and silk. Yet, even dissonance is a form of harmony, and two energies that seemingly contrast can cooperate to create growth. Such is the case with the approaching harmonious trine between Mars and Saturn, which becomes exact in its angle on 6th July, 2011 GMT.

Saturn, in its current transit of Libra and the lunar mansion of Hasta, brings refinement and a sensible slowness to an energy otherwise influenced by uncertainty and frustration. Libra is the sign of the zodiac where Saturn can function at its most optimum. Here it seeks balance and fairness, a refined approach to rectification. Currently influenced by Hasta, self-control is favoured over selfishness.

Mars, on the other hand, has been highly disturbed both by the split energy of Gemini, and a transit of Uranus in Aries, Mars’ home sign. But, it has been purified by the process and is now ready to co-create structured growth in harmony with Saturn, as Mars currently is moving through the highly creative lunar mansion of Rohini. Both Hasta and Rohini are reigned by the Moon, making this energy highly fertile. Where confusion has been present, clarity, choice and commitment can now come to the forefront.

However, this growth can only come with revelation, realisation, and recognition of a reality that is perhaps difficult to integrate. This astrology is also partnered with a tense aspect between Mercury and the Karmic South Node. The South Node in Gemini and the lunar mansion of Mrigasira suggests that instead of trying to fill the empty spaces in one’s life with past enjoyments that will no longer bring the same fulfillment, it would be wiser to break free of ossification and dogma to pave the way for something new, and possibly more rewarding.

Mercury in Leo and the lunar mansion of Pushya hints that whilst this sacrifice may be painful to undertake, we should never forget that sacrifice is the act of making sacred. The self-respect gained is well worth the process.

A feeling of urgency may be building the pressure, but the time for a shift is rapidly approaching. Obstruction fuels determination, resistance builds focus. And with Mars and Saturn joining forces, a breakthrough is nigh.

Starry Night

The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology can make the Western Astrological landscape all the more colourful and insightful. The palette becomes much more abundant and full. Enrich your understanding. For the next few weeks, I will be touching on the meaning of each individual lunar mansion, adding interesting details. You can follow this series on my Facebook Page, beginning with an exposition on Magha, the subject of 4th July’s Vedic Lunar Scope, available in its full version in our Authentic Subscribers’ Area

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