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Mars Square Venus January, 2014

What does the word ‘betrayal’ mean to you? What would it take to make you feel ‘betrayed’? We all have our own set of inner ‘boundaries’, whose breaching causes us to experience that sense of being betrayed. This week, if you are not yet certain about what would tip you over the edge of acceptability within any type of relationship, then you may well have this awareness brought summarily to your attention – in a rather unexpected, shocking manner.

Abuse of power, and of the innocent, is sadly a common enough human fallibility. There are plenty who seek to ‘have their cake and eat it’. To maintain a semblance of ‘status quo’ on the one hand, and on the other, to push beyond some ‘forbidden boundary’ for personal gain at the expense of another. And, this type of ‘abusive’, hidden, secretive behaviour can continue behind the scenes for quite some period of time, seemingly ‘successfully’. However, it is a Universal law that eventually, the truth will ‘come to light’, out from the dark shadows. And, that poisonous ‘wounds’ can thus constantly find a way to ‘heal’: and, for true justice and rebalance to ensue.

So, in the coming days there are prevalent energies suggestive of shocking revelations leading to fiery revolution in relationships of all kinds, be they of the personal or business type. Information coming into the light ‘from left field’, and taking one off guard by its totally unexpected nature. Communication which changes the course of the future, because of its nature of ‘betrayal’- and crossing of personal ‘boundaries’.

A veritable battle between the sexes may well be in the offing, in fact. Are we ready for such a challenge to our sense of ‘status quo’? Well, ready or not, it is heading our way. Better to be awake, and alert: to be conscious of the need for healing and rebalance, wherever it may be shown to be needed. We will only have to face things again at some point in the future, where in the coming days we choose to ‘turn a blind eye’. My advice? Face up to any feelings of pain and betrayal with courage and a willingness to seek justice, where abuse of privilege or position makes its way to your awareness. Yes, there will be emotional scarring, as a result. But, this will heal in time. Hidden poisons, however, can only continue to fester, and impede your progress to true inner peace.

Where agreements, and trust, are now shown to be broken, it is up to you to decide what this means to you. The Universe now simply offers you the opportunity to unearth the truth, from behind the obscuring walls of dishonesty.

This week will feel emotionally intense. But, there is a chance to wise up, seek justice, turn over a new leaf. To heal emotional poison. To engage in a personal revolution. To see through Establishment – and Authoritarian – charades.

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