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Mars square Jupiter October 2011 – The Crumbling Tower

The Crumbling Tower

‘People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.’ – Bob Dylan

When you experience suffering in another, what is your initial response? Do you allow your Heart to experience empathy for the other? Compare it with your own trials and tribulations? Does the Human side of you then open a bit more, recognising the interrelatedness of the Universal Family? Or, do you close down your emotions, numbly continuing in your daily process with a ‘that is their problem, not mine’ mentality? Or, even worse, do you judge them rather than having compassion?

The Pursuit of Material Gain should not equate with the Pursuit of Happiness. In the World of Mass Consumption which we have created, one has intricately become interwoven with the other. To be ‘happy’ is to be materially self-contained and independent. To be materially solvent in this day and age, in many cases, means being a Slave to Corporation, an Automaton, and a Prostitute. Ethics are thrown by the wayside in favour of a fatter wallet. Self is sold out, authenticity lost, and the Human Soul abandoned out of Fear and Insecurity.

Much is changing. The Great God of Materialism and Mass Consumption is globally dying. Unless New Seeds are now planted and nourished, then the Death will only become final when the bottom is reached. Politicians and Billionaires are at the bedside of this Great God, begging the Doctors to keep the Life Support Mechanism, powered by lies, wars and murder running at all costs. Their Egos and Gravy Train are supported by the continued existence of this False Idol. While he continues to live, there can be no Freedom or Righteousness. Until that day, Dignity is up for sale to the lowest bidder and Altruism consigned to the rubbish heap.

On Monday October 3rd, a tense square between Mars and Jupiter becomes exact. Mars is currently in the sign of Prideful Leo and the Lunar Mansion of Pushya. Is Selfishness to be continually supported and the Dignity of others destroyed?

Viva la Revolucion

‘The amount of poverty and suffering required for a Rockefeller to emerge, and the amount of depravity entailed in the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible for the popular forces to expose this clearly … It is a contest among wolves. One can win only at the cost of the failure of others.’ – Che Guevara

We must move beyond the desire to ‘keep up with the Jones’. What sense does it make to have a contest to see who can become the most Greedy? And how can there be True Happiness when so many do without? Pushya is related to Sacrifice. It presents an opportunity for doing what is righteous, nourishing the potential of all. In so doing, its negative polarity must be avoided. Humanity is at a turning point, yet there is fear of letting go of the Old Ways. Dogma must be relinquished. What good are rules, principles and ways of existence which are no longer sustainable?

Jupiter is presently in retrograde motion in Luxurious and Stubborn Taurus and the Lunar Mansion of Bharani. Globally, Poverty is on the rise, as is suffering. Numbness and apathy cannot continue when discomfort comes knocking at your door along with the Bank to foreclose on your Home (a friendly suggestion; when they arrive, remind them that it was your money which bailed them out). There is potential for change, but only if we place Values over Wealth, and Empathy over Greed and Selfishness. Death in the form of Transformation must be embraced for New Birth to take root.

It is not sufficient to give at the donation box. Trust me, in most cases those funds get diverted into the payrolls of too many un-needy people rather than into the hands and stomachs of those who are truly in need. A Human Revolution is occurring. Can you remember who you Truly are, aside from that which you have become in order to fill the refrigerator and the gas tank? It is Time to liberate that Entity, and all others who live in Servitude.


At the Heart of the Mission of Authentic Astrology is the Realisation and Liberation of the Authentic Soul. We are Revolutionaries of Consciousness, Equality and Dignity. Your cause can be championed through a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. In return, you will be supporting us in our Endeavours of fostering an increase in Awareness and Altruism.

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