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Mars Sextiles Uranus June 2011- Upsetting the Paradigm

Mars is often bestowed with a bad reputation which it does not deserve. Certainly, it can be about aggression. As one of the Ancients, after all, Mars is the God of War. And being the strong-willed planet that it is, it will certainly fall prone to its fair share of pride. Did I forget to mention passion? Well, indubitably, when the Fires of Desire rage they can have the tendency to blaze out of control.

Sometimes, however, the ability to impetuously swing into action in a head strong manner can serve a positive purpose. All too quickly do we discriminate from a limited perspective what is right and wrong, when Necessity, propelled by the Pulse of the Universe makes no such judgements. It knows only Evolution.

Mars is a Universal Servant to the same degree as its “nicer” counterparts. Action is necessary to create movement and transformation. Another Cosmic Virtue of our Impulsive Martian Friend is often ignored. Along with the Sun, Mars is endemic to the process of purification. It is the Planetary Purger that assists in making mincemeat of that which is a hindrance.

Mars has recently completed a transit of the lunar mansion, Krittika. This area of the zodiac burns away impurities. Interestingly enough, Krittika is governed by the Sun. A process is reaching culmination where it is becoming painstakingly clear that certain outmoded manners of behaviour will no longer stand. Serving selfishness currently has no place. Yet, assisting the Self in shining forth and elucidating its purpose is positive and potent. As with the individual, similarly with the collective. Humanity is currently facing a Martian crisis, yet the message is clear, “Evolve or face destruction.” Well, let it be said that this planet certainly takes no prisoners. But, when negativity is its enemy, should it be merciful?

Mars is certainly very active this week, and with good reason. The Universe knows its work and whom to call upon to do it. Change is vital. A recent Grand Cross involving Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury has been casting light on the issue of Compulsiveness versus Conservation. As wars for resources currently abound, humanity is being asked to look for another way. In fact a Radical New Approach is being called for on many levels in connection with this passing aspect. The concepts of Politics and Authority are also glaring in the limelight, along with the cry for a shift.

Uranus and Pluto are still applying to their aspect of intensity, which reaches a temporary zenith on the 10th July, before separating. But, we will be revisiting this aspect for the next few years.

Returning to our Humble (not) Hero Mars. Certainly, it can be thanked for applying heat to the moment. This week, as Mars has just moved into a new lunar mansion, it will form three aspects. First with Jupiter, then Uranus, both on the same day. Then, two days later with Profound Pluto.

On 27th June, 2011 GMT, Mars will form a harmonious semi-sextile with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Mars is presently passing through dualistic Gemini and the lunar mansion of Rohini, connected with growth. Jupiter is currently in Stubborn Taurus and the lunar mansion of Ashwini. Although itself polarised, Ashwini is a section of the tropical sign of Taurus where rapid growth can be supported. With such bipolar energy abounding, decision is obviously something which is on the Celestial Cards. Yet, where the choice is difficult, it can be simplified by understanding what we do not desire – a return to the old ways. Commitment to action is required, along with the Obstinate Tenacity to not regress into negative patterns. Yet, as Mars is transiting Gemini, flexibility and openness to the input of the Universal Compass can and should be maintained.

Later, on the same day, Mars completes a harmonious sextile with Tumultuous and Radical Uranus. This angle becomes all the more explosive as Uranus is currently in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. It is also transiting the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, the harbinger of the rains; stormy, yet refreshing because of the change and growth implied. Upheaval and chaos are rife. But when we are ready for anything and open to growth, this need not have a disconcerting effect.

Finally, on Wednesday 29th June GMT, Mars will form an irritating aspect known as a quincunx with Deeply Transformative Pluto. Pluto is currently in Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula, which is connected with the process of dissolution. Something must be completely broken apart and destroyed. Yet, this is a creative process necessary for New Growth. As this aspect has been recently applying, it as been creating the feeling that something no longer works, yet the New Way is not yet apparent. However, something must be done. Action must be taken, even if there is uncertainty.

The Fabric of the Emperor’s New Clothes is being ripped apart. Yet, as this procedure deepens, it becomes acutely clear that we have been duped into believing, through the casting of an Illusory Trance, that His Regal Robes ever existed. An awakening is stirring. A New Trail must be blazed. Resistance is futile.


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