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Mars Sextile Saturn October 2011 – The Cracking of the Cosmic Egg

‘I know what I like, and I like what I know;
getting better in your wardrobe, stepping one beyond your show.’ – Genesis

No matter how mundane, dull or even oppressive, there is a trend to become addicted to the familiar. Old habits die hard. But addiction to comfort and convenience is as threatening as any other. It leads to gluttony, greed, stagnation and ignorance. Life loses its flow without Consciousness. Awareness dims when the mind is closed, and glares when it is open.

The Human race has become dangerously dependent on Materialism to the extent that the Earth’s resources are threatened. Wars are waged over oil and other natural assets when we would be better served as a species if we were to simply find another way beyond our addiction to capital.

How to change a habit pattern? As with any dependency, be it emotional or chemical, the awareness must first be recognised that there is a problem. Then, the desire to overcome must outweigh that of continuing the cycle. In the Collective Psyche, the first stage has already been reached by many, and the second is being surmounted by growing masses to the chagrin of Corporate CEO’s and Politicians everywhere.

When that second stage has been achieved, then comes the issue of replacing the negative pattern with a more positive. We have been prone to an unsustainable delusion which threatens our existence. The Roots of Sustainability are now being planted, but need strengthening.

On Wednesday 26th October, Mars forms a harmonious alignment with Saturn. Mars is currently traversing the tail portion of the tropical sign of Leo, and the Lunar Mansion of Ashlesha. Leo presents the decision between the Strength of Self-Awareness, or the Vice of Selfishness and Ego. The Lunar Mansion of Ashlesha pulsates to the entrancing Rhythm of the Serpent as it poises itself to strike. Whether we are Victim or Victor all depends upon the level at which we are willing to vibrate as a species. Humanity can continue in its fixation upon finance, or develop a determination to ‘kick the habit’ and shift its focus to the true prosperity of Global Evolution based upon Altruism.

If a change is desired, it may now transpire. If not, there soon may be no choice as the pressure will develop to adapt or desist. Better to go with the flow than be swept away by the tsunami.

Luckily, Mars’ angle to Saturn aids and abets those who would choose to be free, rather than live in enslavement. Saturn is currently transiting the sign of Libra, bringing balance. Justice will be served to those who would fill the role of Pushers of Fear and Consumption. Those oppressed who would now choose to remove the burden of dependency from their backs in favour of Independence and Interdependence will be championed. Adding vigour to this aspect is the fact that Saturn is exalted in Libra, and therefore more potent. Also, it is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, ruled by Mars. Chitra is where we are confronted with the option of meeting our destiny by becoming increasingly aware and aligned with it, or being Hammered by the Hands of Fate due to our inability to see that all that Glitters is not Gold.

In seeing the problem through the eyes of William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, as one of developing Human Capital, then the illusion of counting one’s eggs before they hatch must eventually be shattered as a New Paradigm must take shape. Yet, in nurturing the Cosmic Egg, it shall soon hatch and birth a Profound Level of Human Evolution. The opportunity for Liberation is nigh.

Yet, dependency must first be relinquished and responsibility wholeheartedly embraced.

‘I’ve kicked the habit
shed my skin
this is the new stuff
I go dancing in, we go dancing in’ – Peter Gabriel

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