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Mars Sextile Jupiter August 2011 – Shut Up, Be Happy

‘The number one enemy of progress is question.
National security is more important than individual will.’
‘Shut up. Be happy.
Obey all orders without question.
The comfort you demanded is now mandatory.
Be happy.
At last everything is done for you.’ – Jello Biafra from Shut Up, Be Happy

It is incredibly dangerous and Spiritually Unhealthy to place the responsibility for one’s welfare in the hands of another who has a vested interest in protecting their own hide at another’s expense. Self-Responsibility requires effort. It is pure ignorance to become lazy to the point of numbness, deluded to the state of blindness and quiet to the extent that one is continually silenced. Nightmares can sometimes be mistaken for fantasies of comfort. Yet, when the false sense of security created by Material Illusion begins to diminish, the landscape begins to alter to one that is not quite so pastoral or pleasing. If fortune smiles, this is the moment where there is a stirring and Awakening to Awareness.

Globally, lucidity is beginning to dawn, awakening the masses to the Reveille of Righteous Anger restoring balance. This energy is presently intensifying, and although it may seem frightening, there is no need to fear the Reaper when that which is on the horizon is beneficial for all.

On Thursday 18th August, 2011, Passionate Mars becomes exact in a  harmonious aspect known as a sextile with Expansive Jupiter. Profound Growth is offered to the extent that there is willingness to undergo the process. Involved in the equation is the necessity to relinquish a position which once seemed secure in favour of the unknown, which obviously requires a certain measure of Trust and Faith, all under Jupiter’s Jurisdiction, whereas the Strength of Will necessary lies in Mars’ hands.

Action oriented Mars is currently transiting the sign of Cancer. The sensitivity of this water sign distracts from the normal confidence connected with Mars. How can there be trust and certainty placed in the actions of those who try to safeguard their own positions whilst others hunger and suffer? To those victim to the difficulty inherent, there can only be resultant Anger.

Jupiter is presently passing through Taurus, expanding the desire for greater security and well-being for those who have too long lived in squalour. All humans have the right to shelter and nourishment. The possession by one party of more pieces of paper and property than another should not be the determining factor of those rights. Add to the stubborn Taurean energy the tenacity of Mars and there is a force awakening to be reckoned with and not silenced.

Mars is currently transiting the lunar mansion of Ardra awarding the propensity for laser-like effort necessary to bring the transformation needed backed by bravery. When there is the sense that there is absolutely nothing to lose because any result, even death, is better than the continuance of suffering then there can be no defeat, only victory. Those who experience such deep conviction will certainly, at the very least, plant the Seeds of Change to be harvested by others. When Basic Human Dignity is the goal, pride will fall at the Hands of Revolutionary Heroes.

Jupiter is currently occupying the lunar mansion of Bharani, cleansing away the Negative Impurity of the Egotistical Power-Mongers and paving the way for a New Dawn. This is not to say that there will not be challenges along the way, or that the results will be immediate. That which is being born must first pass through the Throes of Labour. Dedication to the task is the Labour of Love needed.

As the harmonious alignment between Mars and Jupiter becomes exact, another tense aspect between Venus and Neptune deepens and reaches its own point of exactitude three days later. This warns against the Propagation of Pride and Promotion of Racial Intolerance and suggests that in relinquishing not only these vices, but also those of Mass Consumption and the Materialism of Capitalism run rampant, humanity has the opportunity of awakening from the trance of Superficial Security to an Awareness of Authenticity, Diversity, Prosperity and True Happiness.

Delusion Dwellers

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