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Mars Quintile Pluto – Passionately Authentic

authenticsignWhen you stick your head above the parapet, you become an easy target. But, could you live comfortably with yourself, always having to hide, or to deny your destiny? You cannot hide from the truth, nor from yourself. But, why should you?  Being authentic and honest is not always easy. But, truth be told, it takes more energy to keep up a facade than it does to muster the courage to be real.

No planet makes us face the truth, no matter how difficult to digest, more than Pluto. And our languidly moving Lord of the Underworld has been quite busy over the last week taking us to some very deep places.

This past Thursday, 26th August, brought a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Pluto, known as a trine.  The 29th August brought the completion of a harmonious aspect between Venus and Pluto, known as a quintile.  And as Venus and Mars are separating from a conjunction, Mars is close on the heels of Venus in forming the same aspect with Pluto, which becomes exact at 12:57 am GMT on 1st September.

Mars and Venus, presently transiting the lunar mansion of Chitra and the sign of Libra are asking us to do that which feels right to our heart and soul, approaching life honestly and fulfilling our destiny as if it were a masterpiece that only we can create.

Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula, may not make this process easy, but it will be highly rewarding. Fears may have to be faced. The temptation to live one’s life in denial is difficult to overcome. But with the courage to face a potentially difficult truth comes empowerment.

It is a time to truly thrive in the most spiritual sense of the word. And although the opportunity may not be the easiest to seize, it is not one to be wasted. You can now truly shine, if you dare to chase the darkness away by living in authenticity.

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