Mars Pluto Trine – Swept by the Rapids

authenticsign The world has become an insane place, and it’s tough to understand changes that happen a mile a minute. Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted out, here comes another shift to wreck that idea. It’s no wonder people desire a point of reference, a dogma of some sort to cling to in order to gain perspective. But, no matter how clear an understanding we think we have due to our belief systems, a challenge will always present itself to test our standards.

When the torrent of life hits, we either cling more tightly to our ‘religions’ as a boat to save us from the swift rapids, or we let go, trust in our awareness and consciousness as a flotation device and allow ourselves to be swept along. The tide will surely lead us somewhere. And regardless of how tight our grip is, it will be somewhere different than before. That’s just how it is at present. Change is certainly on the way. We can either fear it as something scary and shocking, or embrace it as something new and refreshing.

On 15th of June 2010, Mars will form a harmonious aspect with Pluto, whilst Jupiter and Uranus form the same angle with Venus. Mars in a sector of the tropical sign of Virgo known as Magha provides the impetus for a shift. There is a need to relinquish a grip held too tightly. Pay respect to that which has provided support and growth. But, let go and recognise that change needs to happen. Life is shifting and room must be made for a new level of awareness.

Pluto in Capricorn is transiting the lunar mansion of Mula. A deeper level of understanding is making itself apparent. What originally in our lives seemed so tangible and solid, is now a translucent apparition. It can be seen through and no longer has mass.

This Mars-Pluto aspect, known as a trine, brings passionate change, and it is deepened by the interaction between Jupiter, Uranus and Venus.

Jupiter and Uranus, having recently entered the tropical sign of Aries, are transiting Uttara Bhadrapada. They want to kill off the old and the stale and replace it with something new, exciting and refreshing. The same dull mundanity has become a boring piece of useless drivel.

Venus in Leo and Pushya longs for a more spirited and creative mode of existence that honours who one has become rather than paying meaningless lip service to who one used to be.

Beneath the rubbish of the ‘must do’s and the ‘should’ves, would’ves and could’ves’, there’s a human just aching to live creatively. When we feel lost and disoriented, there is a built-in compass that we all have at our disposal. It is the temple at which we can all worship. The one space where we can be similar in belief. It is the heart. Why should it be so hard for us to open its doors, enter and find wisdom?

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