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Mars Pluto Opposition August 2011- Of Mice and Clowns

Could it be that we have become so ‘rationally advanced’ that we have evolved into a backwards species when it comes to common sense? Are we so bent on innovation to the degree that we would create our own demise? Out of a desire to outperform our predecessors, are we becoming ignorant of the lessons of past generations? We are on the brink of either cataclysmic Self-Destruction or daring Initiative and Progress. The opportunity is currently there for either. The Old Ways must collapse for a New Trail to be blazed. Yet, reflecting upon Wisdom that is seemingly Ancient can also foster the inventive process.

Take a look at what is transpiring in the world. It may seem painful to break free of the numbness you have induced to build a false sense of security and comfort. But, there is likely not much else that you could do that would have such a profound and positive impact, even if it initially seems frightening to do so. What effect have we had as a species upon our environment? Has it been creative or destructive? With all of the technological advances that we have made, have we not also harshly impacted the Planet? Could all the money being printed, which has no substance to back it up, ever buy the wonder of a rainbow, or the soothing sounds of a waterfall? Could it ever heal the damage of oil and radioactive waste dumped into our oceans? Or, could it be that Nature is eternally more powerful than us, despite our attempts to harness and manipulate it, as it will heal itself even if it must remove the virus responsible for its illness?

And now, as we are on the point of Global Economic Collapse, what comes next? Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy are all financially falling apart. The US is not too far from the Poor House itself. All of the effort in the world cannot save the situation. But, although this may seem frightening, it can be highly cathartic and healthy, with the proper awareness. Whilst there is Global Illness, there is also a Cure, if we are willing to undergo treatment.

Intensifying as we approach 11th August, 2011 is a tense aspect between Mars and Pluto, known as an Opposition. In addition, as the angle between these two powerhouses becomes exact, both of these planets will be forming a harsh aspect with Uranus.

Beginning on 3rd August, Mars will be in the sensitive sign of Cancer, where the desire is to utilise strength of will to build a sense of Security. Additionally, Mars is transiting the lunar mansion of Ardra, increasing the passion for effort. The danger, however, is in developing a sense of tunnel vision that does not necessarily lead to the appropriate solution. Effort can be wasted, but with attention and awareness lessons can be learnt and a more fruitful course embarked upon.

Pluto is presently in Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula. Pluto’s transit of this sector of the sky is positive in bringing the dissolution of Power Structures built upon selfishness. In its opposition with Mars, each practical step taken to discard something which is no longer Universally beneficial, is a Quantum Leap towards the demise of the Greedy and Power Hungry. A New Way must be found. As each of these planets forms an aspect of approximately ninety degrees with Radical and Revolutionary Uranus in Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada,  a storm is approaching to wash away the Filth, cleansing so that clarity can be gained, insight integrated and something Universally beneficial formed.

To help in the development of a New Way, reflection upon our history as a species can prove immensely helpful. Mercury, during this period, will be retrograde in the sign of Leo and the lunar mansion of Magha. Humanity as a whole, and especially the Elite Bourgeousie, must needs find a different modality of self-expression that steers shy of the Puppetmaster pulling the strings of the Corporate Slaves. In worship of the Great God Consumption, a large majority of Humanity have become slaves and products. Yet, the spell is beginning to break. Why live as a slave when greater freedom is available?

Remember a time, not too long ago, before the Industrial Revolution? People used to have a trade. Many of them actually enjoyed their craft, and people used to grow their own food. Imagine that!!! Most people today cannot tell a pea from a green bean unless they see the label on the can at their local supermarket. Sure, not all was great and grandiose. Life expectancy was shorter. But, perhaps it is possible to be ‘advanced’ in a positive manner, whilst living more in harmony with Nature, and indeed our True Essence. This is what Mercury’s opposition with Neptune in Aquarius and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha seems to suggest.

Once upon a time, people used to trade things also. Barter can be positive, especially if we move away from the ideology that one person’s time is more precious than another’s.

Would Life not also continue if we were to take the daring step of eliminating economy altogether? And as far as ‘government’, are your tax dollars well spent in keeping those Clowns in a job, so that they can tell you how to best manage your life – when they can’t even manage their own?

Radical change is swiftly becoming inevitable. This is not something to fear, but rather to be embraced.

Asylum Garden

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