Mars Opposite Neptune – Selfishness or Self-Realisation

authenticsign There are very deep implications in an oil leak into the ocean that cannot be capped. This is not something that is just going to disappear, or that can be simply cleaned up. It is a major catastrophe.

Humanity’s lust for fossil fuel has been lost in wild abandon for such a long time. We kill each other for it, all so that SUV’s can be fuelled and Hummers can continue to roll along, with hardly a second thought about the impact of our actions. The Earth provides us with opportunity after opportunity to wake up and cease the insanity, yet our ignorance continues and the lessons come in forms that are ever more intensely lucid until we can no longer ignore them.

We have injured the planet. It, too, is a living entity, as is the cosmos in which we dwell. Humanity is a part of this living entity, but it has become a disease, a parasite. The Earth will heal itself and take the necessary actions to do so.

The planets are servants of Universal Consciousness, their motion and interaction precise and profound. Their lessons are meant to guide us towards insight and evolution. Our insanity is meant to diminish, not increase. Our gratitude grow, not our selfishness.

Events such as the eruption of volcanic ash stopping air traffic on a massive level in Europe are intended to open our eyes. Still we don’t listen. Volcanic ash pours out in Central America, with a tropical storm just on its heels. Natural catastrophes are increasing in regularity. Still we turn a blind eye.

On an astrological scale, the energy is intensifying. Both Mars, and Saturn, which returns to direct motion 30th May, are forming tense aspects with Neptune, whilst connecting with each other harmoniously. Both planets also form a tense aspect with Jupiter. But, Jupiter and Neptune are connecting amicably as well.

Mars, in the last portion of Leo whilst transiting the lunar mansion of Magha, brings to our awareness the selfish manner in which we have conducted our lives, and urges us to control our passions and let go of our destructive ways. Saturn, in the latter part of Virgo and the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni, sheds light on our unethical behaviour and fixed manner of thinking. We cannot thrive unless we harmonise not only with each other, but also with the planet.

Neptune, on 31st May, also shifts towards a more internal pattern by moving towards retrograde motion. In the tropical sign of Aquarius and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, it proffers the opportunity to connect more fully to our true essence. When we do so, we cannot help but perform actions that are aligned with Nature rather than struggling futilely to control it. Humanity’s separation from its true, organic existence is the root cause of its conflict with Nature.

Jupiter, soon to exit Pisces, is transiting the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. True spirituality and self-realisation can only develop through a balance between our soul, and its conscious manifestation within the physical realm. This solely evolves from a life lived ethically and in harmony with the environment.

Given the power of reason, we have abused it. Our collective mind as a species has become ill. The majority are not aware of the existence of their souls and the synergy between humanity, the planet and the Universe. Catastrophe and cataclysm, although destructive, can be utilised constructively. The key to wisdom lies in awareness.

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