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Mars Opposes Mercury February 2012 – The Flourishing of Human Potential

The Awakening

According to a new report by ‘experts’, Humans are naturally cooperative and empathetic. Hmmm…… seems like there are quite a few people, especially some in the higher echelons who have yet to integrate this bit of intelligence. Could it be that they aren’t truly human, but perhaps instead some other species? It is sad that we have such potential, but do not exercise it. Why is this? Are we apathetic? Lazy perhaps? Have our senses become overly gratified to the extent that they are now dulled by mass consumption? After all, why should we participate in the change that is taking place all around us when we can simply watch it on television instead, or wait a few years for the movie to come out?

As humans, we have such a vast amount of creativity at out disposal. Yet, look at how destructive we have chosen to become. There is an infinite propensity for awareness within us. But instead, ignorance is what we have opted for. We can be touched to our very souls by the triumph of human spirit. But, we would rather be cruel and insensitive to the hardships of others.  Sooner or later though, there comes a time when we can no longer desensitise ourselves from that which we witness. Eventually, the reality hits home. Then it cannot be avoided.

On 23rd February 2012 Mars, currently retrograde in the sign of Virgo, completes an exactitude of two sharp alignments, one with Venus and the other with Mercury. Mars is known for igniting flames of passion, aggression, impulse and activity. But, when it is retrograde, it behaves in quite a different manner by prompting frustration and the stalling of movement. Its fiery energy becomes introspective. When utilised consciously, the potency of retrograde Mars can be harnessed for Self-Improvement on an immense scale. Especially so when it is transiting Virgo where Self-Analysis is resultant. Mars is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Purva Phalguni, connected with creativity through union, the highest example of which is the marriage between Mind and Soul which fills the Heart with the Inspiration for Right Action. As Mars retrogrades through this Lunar Mansion, the message is clear. We are being faced with hardship and catastrophe as a species so that we reflect upon how we have abused, or neglected to exercise our potential.

Mars forms an opposition with Mercury in Pisces. As the harsh truth becomes ever more deeply and painstakingly obvious, boundaries are shattered and the defenses come down to the extent that we realise not only our own vulnerability, but also that of others. But there is also a benefit to this energy, which is that we begin to feel very deeply. Empathy, even if initially limited, begins to increase. Through our own suffering we recognise the extent to which we have been numbed – no… hypnotised – into a dull trance where we have felt nothing but the lust for the satiation of our own selfish desires. From this space, we can put the positive energy of Mercury to good use through imagining a better way and taking the steps towards building the foundation for its existence. Mercury is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Purva Bhadrapada, purifying and yes, perhaps awakening the Rage at Injustice. All things under the Cosmos, even Rage, can serve a positive purpose.

Venus, in headstrong Aries and the Lunar Mansion of Revati, suggests difficulty for those who have thrived from the more gross qualities of human nature in letting go of the only way that they have ever known, their hearts so deadened that they can only see as far as their own purse strings, their vanity so deep that they do not see beyond their own selfish desires and arrogance. An end to these ways must come.

As in the example of Greece, those at the very bottom of the pecking order are having to bear the burden of the ignorance of those above them. It is only a matter of time before the final straw is added to the load that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

On that day, Justice will be had. And, both Revolution and Awareness will flourish.

Authentic Man


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