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Mars on the Rise – Prime Minister Gordon Brown


It has, perhaps, not been the most pleasant of weeks for UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as he has recently been accused of bullying his staff. As has been expanded upon by Plutonian Chronicles in an earlier article, several members of Mr. Brown’s staff have contacted an anti-bullying charity. Surely not the dour faced, expressionless Mr. Brown!?!?

There is much that is not apparent about the UK Prime Minister, a side of him which he does not exhibit to the general public. This past week’s astrology has brought this side of him into the limelight, and is challenging him to take a deeper look at himself. As he heads into an appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry on 5th March, and with a General Election in the works for the beginning of May, astrologically and politically this is a crucial moment for Mr. Brown.

The past week has seen a tense aspect between retrograde Mars in Leo, the sign of leadership, and the Sun in Pisces. Also, of astrological note is a similar aspect between the Sun and retrograde Saturn in Libra; and a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of authority.

Pluto is still, although separating, also forming a tense aspect with Saturn. Pluto is transiting a section of Capricorn known as Mula in Vedic astrology. Both Mula and Pluto like to take things apart, get to the bottom of things and reveal the truth. The Sun presently sextiling Pluto has most certainly been an instigator of revealing much about Gordon Brown which was not previously public knowledge.

Saturn is transiting an area of the sign of Libra known as Uttara Phalguni, which on one level is connected with proper conduct. This aspect between these two astrological giants makes the energy ripe for bringing power to justice.


Four Planets in Purva Bhadrapada

Gordon Brown, a Pisces Sun Sign with an Aries ascendant, has four planets conjuncting each other in his twelfth house. The twelfth house, for those not familiar, has a tendency to obscure. Planets that are in this house do not always exhibit their nature.

Jupiter, the North Node, Mars and Venus are all within ten degrees of each other in this house for the Prime Minister. Jupiter, the planet of expansion has the tendency to enlarge upon planets that it comes into close contact with. The North Node has the ability to make energy obsessive. With Venus in Pisces, it would seem that the Prime Minister is highly sensitive. And as he has Mars conjunct Venus, it is likely that when his sensitivities are set off, he becomes highly irritable.

All four of these planets are in the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. This nakshatra has the energy of elevation, and when it becomes imbalanced, it can be difficult for its natives to control their passions. It is often said that people with prominent planets in this lunar mansion need to exercise restraint.

It is likely that Mr. Brown feels inside of himself that he truly cares for what he feels is best for the UK. But with Mars, the planet of intensity and anger in this area of his chart, he “doesn’t like to take no for an answer” as confirmed by his political ally Peter Mandelson.

Gordon Brown’s Sun is in a section of Pisces known as Shatabhisha, which can be connected with chaos and crisis that has the propensity to lead to deeper understanding with proper awareness. The Prime Minister has likely not had the best of birthdays this year as the Sun is presently moving through Shatabhisha and has recently formed a tense aspect with Mars in his fifth house of expression. As the Sun also formed the same aspect with Saturn in Libra and Uttara Phalguni, he is being asked to come to a deeper understanding of this side of his nature and to curb his improper conduct.

This is presently being brought even closer to his attention through Venus’ transit of Purva Bhadrapada, which is where his four planet conjunction is. Venus, it should be noted, is the planet of values and refinement and it is forming a tense aspect with Mars in Leo. Mars is in a section of Leo, known as Pushya, which is connected with learning through sacrifice.

As Gordon Brown is currently experiencing his second Saturn Return, which is when Saturn returns to the sector of the sky that it occupies in the birth chart, this is a deeply challenging time for the Prime Minister. Saturn is currently transiting the seventh house of legalities in his chart, and is within two degrees of his natal Saturn. This is very powerful astrology as he heads for an appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry. The current information about his temper being brought to public awareness only complicates matters further for Gordon Brown. If one also considers that Pluto is also transiting his tenth house of career, and forming a tense aspect with Saturn, it becomes obvious that this is a crucial moment for him.

Often what we desire the most is not what is best for expanding our awareness and deepening our connection with our consciousness. Similarly, what we wish for the least, is often what we need the most. Gordon Brown is presently experiencing some difficult lessons. But in the long run, according to his astrology, all is as it should be. Let’s hope, for his sake, that his Piscean Sun is bright enough to pick up on the meaning of the moment and curb the temper of his Aries Ascendant.

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