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Mars Conjunct Saturn August, 2012 – Merchants of Manipulation

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Something shimmering shines in the distance. Its light enchants and beckons. We follow its radiance. We were in the midst of something vitally important. But, suddenly, its significance wanes. Our new quest becomes all consuming. We follow this tempting luminescence though hills and valleys, through the darkest forest into the heart of the deepest unknown. Finally, the light fades just before we are able to grasp it. And, we are left with only darkness.

We are beguiled by the glimmer of gold, the pursuit of happiness that we have been sold by the Merchants of Manipulation. Spurious freedom, spurned by taskmasters who enslave has become our ethos. Materialism is our god which we worship with the ultimate devotion, only to discover its impermanence. Its only consistency lies in its ability to constantly leave us desiring more, as the fulfillment that it allures us with consistently eludes.

We constantly eschew the authentic in favour of the superficial. Yet, when the dross is purified, we find that we are left with a sense of emptiness. If we were to shift our attention towards that which actually has a solid essence, and is not merely an apparition, we would discover a vast and rich treasure more precious than all of the riches of the world.

All that glimmers is not gold. True prosperity requires an intensive amount of effort only because we seek externally for something which cannot be grasped due to its temporal state. But, if we seek our reward in wisdom and awareness, we shall gain an infinite supply.

Astrological aspects signify an interaction between energies, the effect of which extends much further than merely the moment of exactitude of  angle between the planets involved. On 15th August, Mars forms a conjunction with Saturn in the sign of Libra. This aspect represents an opportunity, but one which is demanding of our devotion in order to avail ourselves of its gift. As we experience hardship and an age of austerity on the global scale, we are being asked to shift the focus of our attention from something which we think to be tangible to something seemingly ethereal.

Both Mars and Saturn are transiting the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, which warns against becoming beguiled by the appeal of material wealth. True contentment cannot be found in hoarding and plundering resources. Nor, in the killing of our fellow inhabitants here on earth. Globally, we are experiencing ‘tragedy’ as we have become ill with delusion. The only way to find permanent and lasting peace and prosperity is to cure ourselves of our enticement by that which has no firm basis, no consistency or authenticity. The only meaning that money has is that which we attribute to it. Yet the individual soul, humanity as a whole, Nature and indeed the Universe are vast and precious. No matter how intensely we explore the splendour of consciousness, it will not leave us lacking in fulfillment. Yet, whilst material wealth becomes the sole focus of human existence, we will only find ourselves not only disappointed, but also ignorant.

Seek not the illusory light in the distance when true radiance is yours to be had, existent in your very own heart and soul.

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