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Mars Conjunct Pluto and Gemini Lunar Eclipse November 2012~ Apathy is Destruction

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

The period between two eclipses can be a Profound Portal for a Conscious shift in Awareness. As energy intensifies with a conjunction between Mars and Pluto, exact on the 27th, and a Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Gemini on the 28th; we are being asked to decide whether we will choose the path which honours the constructive use of our Creative Potential, or continue down the path of destructive apathy. Join me today, 20th November at 4 PM Pacific Time for another edition of Authentic Astrology Radio where I will be discussing the energy associated with the current Celestial Climate. You can Listen Live by Clicking Here! Please also feel free to call in and share your voice at (619) 924-9759! Together we are stronger!

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