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Mars Conjunct Jupiter – Leap of Faith

Growing up isn’t easy. It’s a painful process. When young, I am sure that many of us had a favourite piece of clothing or a very special toy. Inevitably, there always comes a time when we outgrow these things. The sad thing is, quite often we do not wish to let go of the associated memories. We want to cling to the past and live in our wooly cocoon of comfort and cosiness. Growing pains are a regular part of our early life. And we are assured that we will grow past them. We never do. They simply sublimate from one dimension of being into another. They shift from an uncomfortable physical feeling to the tragedy of needing to let go of something, or indeed someone very dear to us. But, ok….let’s face it. How uncomfortable would we feel walking around in a T-shirt we used to wear when we were 9 or 10? It would restrict our movement, wouldn’t it? We simply have to move on. And no progress can be made from trying to preserve a piece of the past indefinitely. Presence to the moment is required, and a willingness to move with the changes.

Sometimes, however, the pressure must build before we find the impulse with which to propel ourselves forwards. Personally, in some corner of each of our lives, we are each facing just such a moment. Collectively, if we take a deeper look, the story is much the same.

On Sunday, 1st May, the planet of action and impulse, Mars, conjuncts expansive Jupiter in Mars’ home sign of Aries. This is very intense and explosive energy. Conjunctions between Jupiter and Mars in Aries happen approximately every 36 years. Adding to the power of this fiery energy is the presence of four other planets in this sign on the same day. Mars will be joined by the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon are all clustered together tightly within a ten degree sector of the Ram. This is an active and impulsive force to be reckoned with. It is a Universal Portent that now is the time for action, and it would not bode well to allow this call to go unheeded.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction transpires within the lunar mansion of Revati. Being the last of the 28 lunar mansions, Revati is connected with endings, which contain within the seed of a new beginning and the transmutation from one state of Being into another. Following closely on the tail of a recent Mars-Saturn opposition, this energy heralds bursting free of a framework which we have outgrown. The time for expansion and movement is now. Globally, we have, for far too long, allowed politicians and corporations to control the flow of events on the world stage. And, we have even paid them quite handsomely to do so. But dissatisfaction has long been simmering to a slow boil. Now, the pot boileth over. The people have had their fill. They have outgrown the need for this type of control. But, there is still some hesitancy due to a fear of what lies the other side. No need to worry. Revati supports leaps of faith of all types.

Coinciding with the Mars Jupiter conjunction, is an opposition between the planet of values and wealth, Venus, and restrictive Saturn. Venus, currently in Aries, is transiting the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Saturn, in a state of exaltation in the sign of balance, Libra, is presently occupying the lunar mansion of Hasta. The message of this aspect is quite dualistic. Action is to be prized, yet with a measure of self-control. Additionally, control should not be exercised to the extent that no progress becomes possible.

On the same day, the Sun, in the stubborn sign of Taurus makes a tense aspect with the karmic South Node in indecisive and prevaricating Gemini. The Sun is currently in the lunar mansion of Bharani, which takes things away so that something new can be created. Out of a desire to remain in a comfortable moment, which is no longer possible, there is a tendency to cling too tightly. Doing so only restrains future freedom. Globally, we have too much difficulty letting go of our consumeristic tendencies. And in so doing, a drain on resources is being created, racing us towards global conflict over Nature’s Bounty.

The plot thickens; Mercury, also in Aries, will form a harsh aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Mercury, also in the lunar mansion of Revati, creates mental processes that race to and fro as it is heightened by its proximity to Mars. Feeling the threat of an approaching threshold, there is a tendency towards self-delusion due to an imaginative Neptunian fog blowing in from the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, which supports individualism at its most positive. Functioning in a negative polarity, only selfish aims are understood. To what extent can we convince ourselves that we can continue to live in the same way, and everything will continue at a mind-numbing pace?

The following day, 2nd May, the Sun forms a tense aspect with Saturn, both of which still occupy their aforementioned sectors of the sky. The desire to maintain a false sense of stability and restrict the inevitable changes blowing our way grows ever deeper as we edge a day closer  to the New Moon on the 3rd. This occurs in Taurus, and the lunar mansion of Bharani. Bharani is Death. But, Death too is a servant of Consciousness. The New Moon is a time of beginnings. To the extent that obstinance can be overcome, and transformation embraced, is the height to which we can soar to a new and better life. But, first, there must be a willingness to leave the nest. Growing up can be difficult. Yet, we cannot remain a child forever. The Universe warns that if we cannot grow past our selfishness, we could be heading for a Cosmic “Time Out”.

This is a momentous time for Humanity, and the individual Human. There is growth on a massive scale for each and every one of us within this celestial climate. But, fret not – you can still keep your favourite stuffed toy.

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