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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – The Torch of Inspiration

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

The Universe constantly addresses us with Words of Wisdom. We are not obliged to listen. Awareness is a Gift, but utilising the insight it provides is a choice. We can choose to be blind, or see with the Eyes with which we have been bestowed. Things quite often seem impossible when, in essence, we are standing on the Threshold of  a Gateway. The Door is open for us, but we still must make the choice to step through it. And then, occasionally, we receive a bit of extra guidance in the form of a Cosmic Kick in the Rear. We can choose to resist, but doing so only results in a painful experience.

Awareness, globally, is increasing. On the personal level, as we grow in depth and breadth, we become ever more aware of the untilled recesses of our Being. In a similar manner, as the evolutionary pace of Humanity is quickening, then Darkness and Ignorance become much more apparent. We become conscious of illness so that we may heal ourselves of it.

Ignorance rears its ugly head so that it may be lopped off. In the process, there is a temporary period when the world seems filled with ‘headless chickens’, lost with no sense of direction. Those who in luminescence see, must guide those devoid of reason to the New Way. If the People lead, there will be no need for the  Leaders to follow, as they will become redundant. But first, the yoke of responsibility must willingly be donned. Once it has been, there can be no turning back. Inspiration must replace fear. Sensory Awareness must supplant Apathetic Numbness.

On 10th December, 2011 a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini closes a portal opened by the Solar Eclipse approximately two weeks prior. The Lunar Eclipse is heightened in intensity as it forms an acute aspect with Mars. Lunar Eclipses always coincide with a Full Moon, just as their counterpart, the Solar Eclipse occurs on a New Moon. A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. During the Lunar Eclipse, both of these planets form a 90 degree angle (square) with Mars, completing an angle known as a T-Square. Adding fuel to the conflagration, earlier in the same day, Uranus stations before shifting towards forward motion.

Astrological alignments activate potential. What we choose to do with the energy present is up to Free Will. Energy will definitely move, but we have the choice to work with the Forces present. The Lunar Eclipse is formed by the Sun in Sagittarius and the Lunar Mansion of Jyeshtha opposing the Moon in Gemini and the Lunar Mansion of Mrigasira. The Sun’s position gives the opportunity for Brave Souls with Pioneering Spirits to blaze a New Evolutionary Trail for Humanity of Equality and True Democracy, motivated by Righteous Anger at the Injustice to which they have been subjected. Wisdom and Crystal Clear Vision will be the tools necessary for Victory. With the Moon in Gemini and Mrigasira, there is the danger of prevarication, which must be overcome. A New Universal Family must be formed. The borders and boundaries which have previously separated must be recognised as a prison from which we must gain release if we are to progress.

The tension comes through the Eclipse’s aspect with Mars in Virgo and Purva Phalguni. A thousand reasons can be created for not rising to the occasion. Petty disagreements can abound between those who would, in many cases, otherwise find commonality. Creative potential is there in abundance, but we must not become bogged down in details and in-fighting. Fear should not paralyze or deviate attention from the True Strength of the People United.

As Uranus in Aries and Uttara Bhadrapada exudes its energy in a focused form, a world for the 99% can be created, the steps begun. The path ahead may not be simple, but the goal attained is well worth the uphill struggle involved.

Humanity now stands on the brink. We can continue in Impassivity, hoodwinked and hypnotised into stupefaction; or, we can hold the Torch of Inspiration high and light the way to True Liberation.

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