Love’s Contagion

Weeping walls shed tears of sorrow upon fertile soils of hearts
whose innocence and childlike trust was lost upon the turf of ego
desperate for recognition, and aplomb all hidden under vanity and
feigned ambition worthy of applause.

Barricades of iron wail in horror at the flow of rage and hate flung
ceasely upon their shores as disparate we smile behind a mask
of steel to hide the pain we sorely feel at coldness, frozen from
revealing darkly claims to faustian wealth.

Dignity lies cast in tatters raging at its lack of worth to eyes too
blind to see beyond the flimsy gauze of draperies and gold
festooned in gaudy colours, brassy voices dripping with distaste at
dealing pleasantries with lesser mortals living from a case.

Plastic bags declare our worth if not portraying letters forming
words proclaiming allegiance to bodies taking all our worth
in homage to a God of Gold for planes and boats, as children toy
with hunger and a feeble glow of warmth from smoking embers.

What kind of conscience takes acclaim as others suffer from
disdain and walls of silence from above when seeking alms in
black despair and oozing pain, seeping droplets of soul’s blood
with every blank refusal from a people lost in ignorance and gain?

I have a loaf of bread to share and cheese upon a plate to serve
in love and camaraderie with others seeking shelter and some
truth to make the day worth living, on beyond the ticking of a Time
turned naked as the moment birthed in pain of histories before.

Dust to dust we will return when toiling on a Planet full of beauty
and abundance ends from years of slavery spent keeping up appearance
of a falsity, in raping all the finery from limbs turned twisted and abused
bent under weights of lethargy and innate gifts unused.

What foul disease spread through the legions full of stinking viral
breath too harsh for light to pierce beyond and choking starved us
of the truth of Love’s Contagion, in denial of the feel of healing kiss
to softly touch our hearts with gold too rich for Corporal evil?


Love's Contagion




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