Live Webinar: Seeing the Horoscope in Concrete Prediction

Learn How to ‘See’ the Horoscope and Make Concrete Prediction in Astrology

How to ‘See’ the Horoscope and Make Concrete Prediction in Astrology

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Truly seeing the horoscope is the key to making an excellent prediction. Whilst that may sound obvious, most glances at a chart only return the obvious. And whilst it is fairly simple to see simple factors like the impact of a Venus period on relationships, etc., there are many functions of planets that often get overlooked in the process of making a prediction. In addition to this, there is also the complexity of working with sub-periods (antar dasas and pratyantar dasas) and putting all of the pieces of the horoscope together. This course is designed to help you to become adept at doing all of these things through improving your capacity to see the relationships between the various factors of the horoscope, the agendas shared between planets and how productive or destructive a planet can be in fulfilling those agendas. For instance, did you know that if Saturn rules the 7th from Venus it also has relationship agenda during Saturn periods? How about planets dispositing the lord of a house? If you have taken the Concrete Prediction with Vimshottari Dasa and Mutual Agenda Course, this course teaches you to do the techniques outlined there without the assistance of the Mutual Agenda tables so that you can simply see what is going on at any time. In short, this course is designed to train your astrological eye!

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Table of Contents