Live Webinar: Nakshatra Secrets 1

Experience the Secrets of the Nakshatras

I often find in my interaction with others that there is a vast misunderstanding of the Power of Nakshatras! Many only attempt to use them in a predictive manner to further define the details of specific concrete predictions. Whilst they excel at doing this, the Mystery of the Nakshatra is far more vast than most people dare to explore!

The Nakshatras are considered the wives of the Moon. Mythologically, it is the consort of a deity that carries the shakti, or power of the deity! The Moon is responsible for the rise and fall of the tides! In a similar fashion it is responsible for the rise and calming of the tides which flow within the modulations of our sensory mind. The Nakshatras carry out this pull on our psyche to cause us to work through the karmic drama we are each involved in. In short, the Moon relates to our experience of growing our Consciousness. The Nakshatras convey this power!

Starting Sunday 11th July at 6:30 Pm London Time and continuing for 15 consecutive Sundays, I will be hosting a 15 Class Live Webinar Course on the Secrets of the Nakshatras. Each Class will be One Hour in length. Registration for this Course is $239. There will be a Second Module to this Course (15 Classes) to commence upon completion of Part 1.

Registration allows you to join in live in a weekly basis over Zoom, plus have access to all of the previous classes. 

You may also choose to join this course if you are a Certification Member at the Academy through purchasing either a Silver, Gold or Platinum Upgrade Add-On to the Certification Membership. One of these memberships will not only give you access to this Live Webinar, but also allow you to take the Certification versions of all Academy Video Courses whilst your account is active. You can reserve your space on the course by registering now. If you want to register now and have your membership start when the course starts, you may do so by requesting that your subscription be placed on hold until the course starts. Or you can register now and take part in any of the other many Live Webinars currently ongoing, and simply switch to the Nakshatra Secrets Course when it commences or upgrade your membership if necessary to include more live webinars.

Here is what we will be covering in the first 15 classes:

  1. What the Nakshatras Are (You Might be Suprised)
  2. Common Symbolism and Attributes
  3. Symbolism and Attributes Continued
  4. Ashwini Nakshatra
  5. Bharani Nakshatra
  6. Krittika Nakshatra
  7. Rohini Nakshatra
  8. Mrigasira Nakshatra
  9. Ardra Nakshatra
  10. Punarvasu Nakshatra
  11. Pushya Nakshatra
  12. Ashlesha Nakshatra
  13. Magha Nakshatra
  14. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
  15. Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

I hope you will be able to join us!