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Libra Full Moon T-Square March 2013 ~ Poised or Plunge?

Authentic Man
Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Remember when you were younger, perched at the edge of a diving board, you know, the really high one where you knew that if you didn’t dive in just the right manner you would be prone to what is affectionately known as a belly flop? Do we not fear those very same belly flops throughout the course of our existence and so find ourselves in unhealthy situations that continue to our own demise simply because we are apprehensive about the impact of our actions should we attempt to alter our course? Dare we upset the balance? Dare we not upset it should more likely be the question. Like our very death we fear transformation, when its gift is far more rewarding than the price we pay to keep it at arm’s length. And so with resistance we persist, clinging to that which we feel will create a sense of stability until something or someone comes along to force us out of our comfort zone and into the heart of heart-wrenching, paradigm-shifting cataclysm and chaos in all of its brazen glory.

We can’t hang on forever to the past. It serves not our evolution, neither as individuals nor as a species. Bid it a fond adieu. Grieve it with gratitude for its meaningful vignettes. But also, be thankful for its passing. For without its movement into the rearview mirror of our life we could never forge a new path into exciting new territory. Did I say exciting? It can be if you adopt the proper attitude. Will it have difficult moments? Almost certainly. We mustn’t hide from the truth. Whenever you attempt to shield yourself behind a delusion, the awakening can be nothing but seemingly harsh for you have anesthetised yourself in a numbing slumber. I would say that the choice is yours as to whether or not you continue to live in a dreamland, and I suppose it is. But, it would only turn to a nightmare within a short period of time. Besides, you stand to benefit from the reality you are now being somewhat forced to face on the centre stage of your own life. So, play the part of the hero and face the quest you are being called to.

On 27th March, 2013, we will experience an explosive Full Moon in the sign of Libra and the Lunar Mansion of Hasta. What makes it so rare and powerful? It coincides with a tense aspect known as a T-Square, which is composed of three tense aspects, two squares and an opposition. The Full Moon will be forming a square with dear, dark Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, in turn is forming a square with Venus, the Sun, passionate Mars and radically revolutionary Uranus in Aries. And, all of the aforementioned planets in Aries will be opposing the Moon.

The Moon is ultimately responsible for the feeling aspect of our psyche. It creates the intense emotions which move us to either create change, or resist it. With the Full Moon in Libra, an adjustment in attitude is now necessary. Libra brings balance and justice. Although it may seem that the Universe is sometimes unfair, that is a matter of judgement and perception. Evolution is not about ‘fairness’, it is about the perfection of balance, no matter how seemingly unfair that may be. This particular Full Moon occurs in the Lunar Mansion of Hasta. Although we have the free will to try to manifest positive changes in our lives, and it is only right that we attempt to do so, it is important to allow the refreshing winds of change to come blowing down the avenue of life sweeping away the filth of control and the ‘power’ we feel we must sometimes wield in order to maintain a sense of (im)-‘balance’.

Our lovely lord of the deep, dark recesses, Pluto, is waiting in the wings with a mirror to reflect back to us, from the sign of Capricorn, the ugliness of the visage we wear when we align ourselves with the power games of the ego. Although he may frighten us with our own ineptitude, he also offers a healing balm. As Pluto is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha, through the process of self-analysis we are being bestowed with the sword with which to cut through the insanity we have entrnched ourselves behind.

Wherever you have Uranus, you have Divine Disconcertion, the King of Chaos and the Regal Revolution of the Soul aimed at upsetting the illusion woven by the Ego. When you have Uranus in Aries, that makes it even more powerful. Throw uneasy Mars into the equation, you have an explosion waiting to happen. Add a heaping dash of the Sun and Venus into the (im)-balance and you have pride waiting to be brought to its knees. All four of these planets are in close proximity to each other in the sign of Aries at the time of the Full Moon. The Sun, Venus and Uranus are in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, stormy and mysterious by nature with cleansing and lucid clarity as its ultimate aim. Mars is in the Lunar Mansion of Revati. sensitivities will definitely be triggered. But with Mars at the forefront of these planets, we are being asked to place faith in the journey and the healing hands of time. What seems harsh in the moment will eventually be seen as having been necessary upon retrospect.

We now have the choice to attempt to ‘safeguard’ our interests behind a wall of fear and doubt, or to take a radical step forward at the risk of loss in order to establish a new way of life for ourselves and those who will follow. Take a closer look. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. Dive right in. The waters you will find yourself in are refreshing. And besides, what’s the worst that could happen? We all have to experience the occasional Cosmic Belly Flop on the path to perfection.

The approaching Libra Full Moon promises to be intensely transformational. Fear not the opportunity that awaits you. Understand it more fully through one of my Telephone Consultations.

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