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Liberation and Devotion

authenticsignEveryday provides us with the opportunity for growth. But, if we cling too tightly to what we know, we run the risk of presenting a locked door when opportunity knocks. The oppositions between Uranus and Jupiter, at one end of the zodiac; and Saturn on the other are beginning to slowly separate for the moment. This brings impetus to the approaching Uranus and Jupiter conjunction, and the possibility of a profound new beginning.

The passing oppositions have been key in spurring liberation from restriction and overturning power on the global scale. The world will likely never look at its authority figures in quite the same light. It has been shown that our trust in politicians and bankers is even more deeply ill-founded than previously suspected. But this is actually hopeful, as it brings to light the possibility of a more liberated humanity with growing spiritual awareness.

On the personal level, it is quite likely that we have all been taking a deeper look at those areas in our lives where we are stuck. Dogmatic thinking obstructs the growth of the seeds of wisdom. This cyclic pattern of thought, however, is often difficult to break free from, because a devotional and loyal heart guided by a sense of ethics is necessary in building spiritual stamina. The heart and mind are meant to work in harmony, therefore there must be a balance between an open mind and a dedicated heart. This is the positive lesson to be gained from Saturn’s recent obstruction.

This Thursday’s Full Moon (6:07 pm CDT) coincides with a momentous astrological event. Uranus shifts into the tropical sign of Aries only a couple of hours later, strengthening the promise of a powerful Full Moon.

The Moon will be full in the tropical sign of Sagittarius and the lunar mansion of Anuradha. Through recent purification a growing clarity is taking root regarding the philosophies which no longer serve our soul’s evolution, and those which still hold meaning to our hearts, and are thereby worthy of its courage and attentiveness. As with our sense of ethics, so also with relationships and friendships. Honour and loyalty are the virtues of the moment. That which is virtuous is meant for the worthy, given where it is truly deserved. That which is superficial must be cast aside, and the true held in the highest regard.

With Uranus moving into the tropical sign of Aries, and transiting the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada along with Jupiter, revolutionary new beginnings are now possible. Where there has been restriction, there is now the potential for fresh new ideas. But, balance, cooperation and agreement are vital to progress.

Control is a vice of the ego, designed to ensure its security. But the soul, free of negative ego, is stronger than we can perhaps imagine. And, it has a part to play in the grander scheme. It must be liberated to fulfil its true purpose.

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