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Jupiter Trine Pluto October 2011 – Burn Hollywood Burn

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as the moment in which we overcome Fear. It allures us, entrances and immobilises to the extent that we avoid doing the very thing that we know to be right in our hearts and souls. We convince ourselves that we are mistaken in our wisdom, preach empty sermons of false intellect to our Spiritual Sensibility and do everything within our Power to continue the Delusion which Enslaves. But, at that moment in which we confront our Jailor, we gain the Key to Liberation.

Humanity is facing just such a moment. A Radical New Paradigm now tantalisingly awaits, yet many choose the Illusion of Phony Freedom based upon Material Acquisition and Possession. And, in so doing, they threaten the Progress of Others. Politicians propagate any lie possible to prop up the Great God Economy during His Final Gasping Breaths and Last Death Throes. And many fall in obeisance at their heels and at the Altar. Why continue to live as a Product when there is opportunity to recognise, realise and thrive in Authenticity? Why fear the Reaper when he heralds Liberation? In the words of Che Guevara, it is ‘better to die standing than to live on your knees.’

On 28th October 2011, Retrograde Jupiter completes a harmonious aspect, known as a trine, with Pluto. Pluto currently in Capricorn is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Mula. The sign of Capricorn bears the energies of practicality and sensibility at its best. When functioning in a negative polarity, its energy can adopt an authoritarian tone. Mula is associated with dissolution. As the precursor of Creativity, it destroys the dross and superficial and shatters delusion. Its energy is highly revelatory. The Transformational Lord of the Underworld Pluto may function at his optimum in this asterism. Mula marks the end of Materialism and the deepening of Spirituality. We face a time in which global economies are collapsing. And it is likely that they cannot be saved. But, this is an opportunity for True Prosperity to Shine and Illuminate a New Way that does not constantly threaten with the dualities of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, oppressor and oppressed. In relinquishing our grip on Materialism and Mass Consumption we are leveling the playing field and creating a True Human Existence.

Jupiter, in its retrograde motion, spurs Inner Growth and the Spark of Awareness. Jupiter is currently in Taurus, the sign of Stability, Security and Obstinacy. As it passes through the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini, it promises Illumination and Independence to those adventurous enough to hunger for a New Way. Ashwini’s energy is swift, passionate and healing. But first, the Masks of Control and Manipulation which have hypnotised the masses into believing that security may only be maintained through the pursuit of currency based on no Substance need to be incinerated, their hideousness seen as ridiculous and childish. The Mass Hypnosis which has been created must be shattered. This can be shocking at its onset, rife with Anger and Rage at living through centuries of Repression, yet refreshing as time transpires.

Instead of fearing economic collapse, as many do, a shift in attitude that is more pioneering needs to be adopted. Why not welcome Creative Opportunity? The Foundation of the Past was devoid of substance. As it burns away, it becomes apparent that it was much like a Hollywood movie set, all front and no backbone. And Humanity has become complicit in numbness and apathy at the Obscenity portrayed on the Silver Screen of Charade.

Burn Hollywood Burn.

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