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Jupiter Trine Pluto July 2011 – Altering the Karmic Flow

When water courses its way along a riverbed, it deepens the pathways which it cuts. Occasionally, a branch or rock will fall in, the streamway will shift, but first must come an adjustment. Our habit patterns function in just such a manner. We become used to acting and reacting in certain ways. Sometimes small adjustments may take place. But, the longer the pattern of behaviour has been enacted, the more difficult it becomes to create change. When our habits support Conscious Growth, then this is positive. But, all within this world changes and shifts. Sometimes the most positive of patterns needs readjustment if we are going to allow room for improvement. When the river that flows contains only poisonous waters, then change is even more necessary. Otherwise, there is less fluidity, stagnation seeps in and what was once clear and lucid becomes polluted.

Aside from the reality of pollution that is transpiring in the Earth’s Waters, our environment here on the Third Stone is becoming less secure and more direly in need of a shift. We can try to avoid transformation, but it will eventually come to pass and perhaps, necessarily so, in a more torrential manner. Yet, if we are willing to put forth the effort, no matter how Herculean the feat, we can shift that which has become blocked and create a more positive flow.

There is presently very intense astrology, building to a climax in early July. Deeply involved in the interaction are Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. The story of the Revolutionary Spring of 2011 thus far has been based upon a tense aspect of 90 degrees between Anarchic Uranus in Active and Aggressive Aries, and Profound and Potent Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of Earth Changes and Authority. Plus, a revisitation of the opposition between Restrictive Saturn and Uranus, although distant, has been adding extra spice powerful enough to create a hankering for refreshing change. Now, however, a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, becoming exact on 7th July GMT, points the way to quick progress.

Before we delve into a deeper understanding of the interplay between these two planets, let’s understand the backdrop that is already being coloured by the interaction between Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. The tension that is being created by these three Celestial Superpowers makes movement inevitable.

Pluto is forming a tense angle between both Saturn and Uranus, as these latter two also oppose each other. This creates a condition known as a T-Square. Pluto, in Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula is teaching a lesson through destruction, hardship and natural disaster geared to show us how our present course of Selfishness and Mass Consumption of Resources has pushed us to the Brink of Self-Obliteration. As Pluto squares off with Uranus in Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, we are being probed to question whether Global Warfare for resources is really best suited for ALL of humanity, or indeed any of it. Saturn, in Libra and the lunar mansion of Hasta, warns us against such selfish actions and instead urges Self-Restraint, Conservation and Balance. These three are creating a cocktail flavoured with the Desire for Upheaval. But, it provides the most refreshment if it is directed towards overturning the Negative who quell their Hunger through Control and Manipulation; and also our own restrictive, dogmatic ways of thinking that a World Society based upon Monetary Greed and Mass Consumption must continue above all else. The Old way must go.

So, we have seen that which we don’t want…..hopefully. But, what about what we do want, Greater Security and Stability? The harmonious trine between Jupiter and Pluto gives us a glimpse that this can indeed be possible. Jupiter is presently transiting Steadfast and Stubborn Taurus, and the lunar mansion of Ashwini, related to rapid movement. Quick progress is possible. But, if we wish to change the present direction in which the Tempestuous Waters of Collective Negative Habits are heading, we have to accept the harsh realities with which we are being presented, take practical action and remain Steadfast and Loyal to the Healing of not only Global Crisis, but also of Nature…..and indeed Humanity. Be firm. Make a change. And indeed, a difference.

Release the Global Addiction to Numbness and Apathy. Kick the habit. Turn off the TV, and roll up your sleeves. You are needed.

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