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Jupiter Stations Retrograde November 2013

When Jupiter takes a well-deserved break and turns retrograde, it can feel rather as though all the wind has disappeared from our inner ‘sails’. Things can seem rather bleak for a time; even though,in reality, all is just fine. It is simply that we must re-adjust and re-align ourselves with the need to slow down our own expansive energy seeking to keep pushing forwards along our life’s path in giant strides. We’ll still get there; but,it’s time to focus on some inner expansion which will ultimately refine our ability to see with greater clarity the obstacles which seemingly lie along that path which lies before us.

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

What have you recently ‘revisited’, either physically or emotionally, which can now be allowed to heal and float on into the Waters of Time? What can you now forgive yourself for, which has been causing so much emotional turbulence to you for so long; and, which was holding you back from being free to move on in spiritual cleanliness – rather as though you needed to take a shower, but were always feeling reluctant to shed some ‘dirt’ with which you had become oddly attached?

It’s now a Time when the line between supposed ‘fact and fiction’ becomes intensely blurred … can we really trust the input from our eyes as it makes its way to our mind – and heart? Remember; ‘reality’ is malleable; it is only our heart which discerns the truth. The mind chatters and quibbles. The heart simply knows; silently, and without question. PC

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