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Jupiter Stations Retrograde August 30, 2011 – The Point of No Return

There are certain points which, upon passing beyond, there is no return. Certain processes which cannot be reversed. Once a powerful transformation has occurred, it cannot be undone. With each day, the Earth becomes a much more chaotic place to live. Humanity is in the Throes of Labour, giving birth to a New Day. Eventually the Moment of Arrival will come. The Definition of the Landscape is anybody’s guess, as the polarities of Destiny and Fate beckon us onwards. Some will resist and go kicking and screaming. Others will embrace the changes and make Quantum Leaps. But, most certainly, there will be movement.

The Path of Awakening knows no return. In choosing to be Numb or Asleep, it is still known that one is hiding. Monsters are bred in the Closets of Skeletons. Locking away Awareness in a Darkened Room is inviting danger. It will break free with a force to be reckoned with. Its liberation is inevitable. Might as well go willingly.

On Tuesday 30th August 2011, Jupiter will make its shift to retrograde motion after stationing. This happens at least once a year for approximately four months. Jupiter, the largest planet, is related primarily to the process of expansion. When in its retrograde cycle, the process of Inner Growth is heightened. Each individual will be impacted in a specific area dependent upon which area of their chart Jupiter happens to be inhabiting. Collectively,  it is a time for reflection upon how Humanity approaches the next phase of its evolution.

The upcoming retrograde period happens to be especially powerful as it coincides with an intensely harmonious aspect known as a Grand Trine, involving the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter.

Currently in the tropical sign of Taurus, Jupiter is transiting the lunar mansion of Bharani. To understand the influence of this sector of Taurus, think of the concept of reviewing one’s karma and understanding both mistakes made and wisdom properly integrated, then moving on to a new phase of life.

Security, comfort, stability and how we define these concepts as a species are highly prominent in the Cosmic Classroom currently. The basic Human needs of food and shelter should be denied to no one. Human dignity is the birthright of each individual. Idealism is the hallmark of Jupiter, and the moment we are astrologically approaching can be utilised to deepen commitment to this Vision and strengthen the resolve to destroy systems which create the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’.

When a planet stations, its energy becomes highly influential as it creates the energetic illusion of stillness. Its rays brighten and its lessons can be heard more lucidly by the Soul. As Jupiter stations, it becomes complete in its angle to Venus as part of the aforementioned Grand Trine. Venus, in Virgo, brings our values to the forefront for analysis in its aspect with Jupiter. Do we hold Superficiality in higher regard than Authenticity? Should humanity continue in Servitude and Slavery to corporation, bent on Mass Materialism, Consumption and Greed? Are we nothing but products,  quite often on sale at reduced value? Or could the Truth of the matter be that the Individual Essence of each, fully realised and respected, is a wealth that is only increased and that can never diminish in worth?

As Venus will be transiting the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni, over which it governs, its energy will also be vitally increased. The message is one of supporting cooperation in building new Social Structures, beneficial for all, not just the selected few. In the process, Pride, Arrogance, Tyranny and Authoritarianism all rear their ugly heads. When they are not faced Consciously, there is no alternative other than for their energies to be projected onto the Global Stage for full review. Yet, though hideous, they should be faced fully with no fear, only courage and resolution.

The Opportunity is present, the Portal open. We are approaching an intense moment. There is no turning back. The ease of the next step is directly proportional to the Choices made in the moment. If we take the words of Martin Luther King to heart, then success is certain.

‘True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.’

Martin Luther King Jr

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